Who’s In Control? by John Cali

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I live in a remote part of the western United States. We still have plenty of wild critters roaming around out here, some of them quite dangerous.
John Cali

Among those wild critters are grizzly bears. You don’t want to get one of them mad at you. You don’t even want to be anywhere near one, mad or not.

This time of year we have lots of tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park, home to many grizzlies, about 50 miles west of here. While some tourists and local folks have been attacked by grizzlies, there’ve been no deaths for 25 years.

That changed 3 months ago on June 17. A bear fatally mauled a renowned botanist just east of Yellowstone. About six weeks later, on July 28, another man was attacked and killed, again just outside Yellowstone.

In the July attack the bear went on a wild rampage without any apparent provocation, attacking four people and killing the one man.

One of the survivors who was mauled, and her husband who was not, later recounted their ordeal. They’d been on a 12-day camping and fishing trip when, on the 13th day, the bear attacked.

The husband said they would limit their next camping-fishing trip to 12 days. The number 13, he believed, was unlucky for them.

All that is just my long-winded way of working up to a couple questions. Is 13 really an unlucky number? Who’s in control in situations like this — “fate” or you? Or the grizzly bear?

Here’s Spirit.

Friends, we know this is a tough question for many of you. After all, do you have much control over a wild bear? Do you have control over the traffic when you’re driving down the highway? Don’t bear attacks or car accidents just happen randomly? And isn’t anyone who happens to be in the way just an innocent victim?

Interesting questions.

Even some of the lightworkers we talk with find it hard to believe they are not innocent victims in situations like we’ve just described.

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again here today:

There are no victims.

It’s that simple.

Either you create your reality or you don’t. Of course, we believe you all create your own realities — the “good” and the “bad.” Grizzly bear attacks or car accidents. Or any other “accidents” or “quirks of fate” you can think of.

Friends, it’s all a matter of energy, of vibration. This is nothing new. You’ve heard it from us before. You’ve heard it from others. And yet we acknowledge it’s often difficult for humans to accept.

“After all, Spirit,” you might protest, “I don’t want any of these negative experiences. And I certainly don’t deliberately create them.”

We agree with you. No one wants to be mauled or killed by a bear or a highway accident. You certainly do not create those experiences in any conscious, deliberate way.

But you do nonetheless create them — not deliberately but by default.

If you consider yourselves victims in any circumstance, no matter how big or insignificant — it doesn’t matter what it is — then you are vibrationally creating that “aura,” if you will, of victimhood. You are then more vulnerable to unwanted negative experiences.

The key here is to remember who you are — God in human form. God is all-powerful. You are all-powerful. You are eternally safe and secure when you remember your power, when you remember you are God.

With God all is well — always.


Do you believe, as Spirit said, there are no victims?
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