Would You Believe You Can Be Happy in Westfield? by John Cali

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I grew up in Westfield, a farming village on the shores of Lake Erie. It’s a delightful, friendly little town. I lived there happily for many years.

An old childhood friend of mine, who also grew up in Westfield, was fond of “bashing” the town after she moved far away. She would criticize those of our family and friends who chose to live out their lives in Westfield, calling them “stupid failures.” She didn’t see how they could possibly be happy there. She didn’t see how anyone could be happy there.

My only response was “Would you believe you can be happy in Westfield?” After all, I had lived there many happy years.

Ironically, in all the years since my friend left Westfield, she’s had a pretty unhappy life. She did not find happiness in the place she once considered paradise, the only place she said she could be happy.

This dear lady reminds me of how often we make our happiness dependent on something — anything — outside ourselves. We overlook the only place we can ever find happiness — within.

Here are a few thing Spirit has said about happiness:

  • Happiness is not a place. Happiness is not your relationships, your jobs, your money, your friends or family. Happiness is not anything or anyone outside you.
  • It is only when you can truly and deeply love yourselves, love where you are now, that you will find happiness.
  • A happy life is an inside job. You create a happy life from within.
  • The only guarantee of a happy life is reclaiming the power within, and not allowing your happiness to be determined by what or who are “out there.”
  • Once you are happy, you will start noticing how beautiful your world is, how beautiful other people are, how beautiful you are.
  • Enjoy your lives, your relationships, your possessions. Enjoy them fully and passionately, but without depending on them for your happiness. Even if you lost them all, you know your true and only source of happiness is within you.
  • Attachment to the world around you drags you from your happiness, your joy.
  • When you seek happiness within, you will empower yourselves to create and live the most joyous, abundant lives you have ever known.

What is your experience with happiness? Could you be happy anywhere, no matter what the circumstances? Or does your happiness depend on places, people, money, or whatever? Please comment below.

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8 Responses

  1. John Cali

    Thank you very much, Clark. What a beautiful story! We appreciate you sharing it with us.


    • Judi

      Just be grateful for all you have and this will create happiness. I am grateful everyday.
      Thanks Clark for your insightful reply.

  2. Shane Black

    I currently live in a small town that has no vegetarian restaurants. The winters are too long. My job is not ideal or enjoyable. But I choose to be happy, and I truly am.

    None of these things outside of myself can bring me down. My happiness truly does originate within.

    It is like a switch that I turned on. A simple choice to be happy.

    • Clark Shoblaska

      Twenty four years ago I attended a visualization and meditation class, and I could never visualize anything anytime as hard as I tried .And then after 12 classes with nothing but darkness when I closed my eyes,I suddenly saw a forest, and the moon light was shining through the trees. And there was remnants of a castle,and I opened the heavy plank doors which led to stairs leading down to a room with stone walls. And the ceiling was white as clouds on a summer day, and there was a stone table in the room ,and as I looked to the white ceiling above me a large pink letter floated down and landed on the table and then one at a time the letters floated down and they spelled out the one word that started my spiritual journey “LOVE” I have been channeling my spirit guides and guardian angel and seen with my third eye ever since and everything in this universe is connected ,we are as one with the great spirit ,we are the extension of the great spirit we are “LOVE”.

  3. Judith Anderson

    My initial reaction was that we create our own happiness, but upon reflecting I realized that I need to be physically comfortable to be happy. Being much too hot or much too cold or being really thirsty with no water does make it hard for me to hold to an even keel.

  4. Marlene

    The happier I choose to be, the more I find happy circumstances seem to seek me out. The universe reflects back the same energy that we project.

  5. Cinda Miller

    The only thing you can take with you is your love. When we exit from this home, we have no luggage. There is no room in heaven for “stuff,” those things will be given to your inheritors, or the junk man. The question is:

    “Do you have stuff or does stuff have you?” I spend time going through clothes, shoes and house hold items, trying to find them new homes or donating them to my local Hospice store.

    Happiness is not in what we have but in who we are. Take the time to know yourself and to love the person that you have become.

  6. Eric

    Happiness is the only emotion in heaven. To the degree you tap into your higher self who lives in heaven, the more you’ll project happiness into your earthly experiences.

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