Alan Cohen tells an interesting story about the Burning Man festival. It seems an unidentified man went around to various people, all strangers to him, and said “It’s not your fault.” He said nothing else to them, just those 4 words.

The people’s reactions were amazing, ranging from joyful laughter to bursting into tears. So what happened?


What happened at the Burning Man festival was a perfect example of what we consider the major problem facing humanity today.

The problem is simply this: You have forgotten who you are.

When each of you came into the physical bodies you now occupy, you were pure and unspoiled. You had not yet been corrupted by the ways of your modern world.

You see, your modern world is largely ruled by the human ego. You can see blatant evidence of this in your daily news headlines. (Which is why we suggest you not glue yourselves to your television screens so much.)

The so-called “powers that be” (governments, churches, teachers, most human authorities) exist primarily to put you down, to belittle you, so they can better control you.

It’s all about power and ego.

You can see the results of this oppression everywhere you look. But perhaps you see it most clearly in your own personal lives.

How many of you can remember, in your earlier years, being empowered and uplifted by the “authorities”—parents, teachers, government, etc.? Few, indeed!

So many of you reached adulthood questioning your value, wondering why you even existed.

All of this is the result of the ego running wild, out of control.

The cure is to remember who you are, beloved children of a loving God.

In fact, we’ve said many times over the years that you are not only the children of God. But you are God.

So what if we tell you none of this is your fault? Period!

You are all innocent children of God. You are powerful creators. None of the “bad stuff” you see in your world is your fault.

You did not come here to this troubled world to heap blame and sorrow upon yourselves and others.

You came here to thrive, to rejoice in the beauty of life, to immerse yourselves in the pleasures of physical experience.

It’s that simple. None of the negative nonsense is real. Only love is real. You are love. You are God.

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Edited by Berna Copray

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