Your Life Matters by John Cali

Occasionally I wonder if the work I’m doing matters much in these chaotic times we live in, if my life is making any positive difference in other people’s lives. Have you ever wondered if your life matters?

A few years ago, I received a letter from one of our newsletter readers who had just seen the wonderful Way of the Warrior video produced by our dear friend, Reinis Ikass. Here’s part of that letter:

“Thank you so much for this (the video). It made me unload the gun. It stopped me
from taking my life. I am a Vietnam vet who has chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.”

This letter was a poignant, powerful reminder to me how our lives do touch others, often in deep ways we may never know about. Every person on this planet is making a difference!

Here’s a quote from Spirit:

“…you really don’t know exactly how or when you’re touching other people’s lives.
But we can promise you this — you’ve all done it far beyond what you’re consciously aware of. You may not know how you do it, and you rarely know when you do it. But you do it nonetheless.

“You are all connected….Never believe what you do, say, or think is in isolation Every act, word, thought has powerful repercussions, reverberating throughout the universe, all that is.”

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