Is Your Life YOUR Life?

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Today we all live in challenging and often-tragic times. Just look at the mainstream news media headlines. But don’t do it too often. It will break you. There’s a better way.


Many of you are struggling and suffering with all the challenges and changes your modern world is flooding you with.

It’s not an easy time for you to be on Planet Earth. But it is a good time—the perfect time—for you to be here.

Every one of you is facing your own unique challenges today. But you are also all facing challenges no one can escape from.

There are many forces challenging you to wonder What in the hell is my life all about? Why am I here? Is my life MY life? Do I have any control of my life? Of my relationships. Of my work? Of my well-being? Do I own my life? Why am I here? Etc Etc?

Those are the eternal questions.

And the eternal answers are:

  • YES! You own your life!
  • You are here to save the world!

You might ask, “Save the world from what?”

You are here to save the world from itself.

You have all, at one time or another in your physical lifetimes, been brainwashed into believing YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH!

Who has done this to  you?

Here are a few of the culprits: Your churches, your governments, your friends, your families, your teachers, even you seemingly closest loved ones.

They do not intend to harm you or control you in any way. But they do harm and control you in many ways.

So what’s the answer, the solution to this dreadful dilemma, to these seemingly impossible challenges you are struggling mightily with in today’s world?

The answer is simple. We’ve talked about it many times over the years. But it bears repeating. Especially in this world you have created and struggled with.

The simple answer? Remember who you are!

You are not the weaklings you imagine! You are not powerless! You are not lost! You are not weak!

You are not all the illusions you have created and tortured yourselves with for century after century.

It is time to remember who you are. It is time to remember your power. It is time to remember your wisdom. It is time to remember God. Which means it is time to remember YOU!

You are God. God is you. It is that simple. It is that powerful.

It is you!


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In this short talk, Neal Foard shares with us a story of his father on his deathbed, and the powerful life lesson he learned from him.


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  1. Jeannie

    When I was 14 a favorite cousin died in a car crash. I wasn’t allowed to go to the funeral. My parents, aunts and uncles came back to the house. They were talking about David and it wasn’t nice things. I was really upset and let them know it. I walked out of the house, really upset. I looked up at the night stars and said I was going to be me and never like them. I meant it, no matter what I am going to be me! My brother in law came out and told me that people talk like that and it really did not mean it, just the way they deal with it.

    Through the years I have been me, in all my so called failures or achievements. I have never lived a so called normal life and sometimes I get frustrated wanting a little to be one of the normal people and then I remember I am me. I am not perfect but then that would be so boring.

    I still can see myself that night.

    Thank you for reminding me that I am me!

    love and hugs
    (because I am Me)

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