All Paths Lead Home by John Cali

Since I started doing this work with Spirit I’ve often been criticized by family, friends, and opponents for following the wrong path. Especially in spiritual matters.

We don’t have to look any farther than the mainstream news media headlines to see graphic examples of people not only criticizing others for having different beliefs and values, but even killing them for it.

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts:

“You would think people on a path they consider good and true would find it in their hearts to look kindly upon their sisters and brothers. Even if those sisters and brothers were following a different path. That would certainly be our idea of a better world.

“You all live in a vast world of vast diversity. When you incarnated you knew the world was diverse, and you joyfully embraced the diversity. You joyfully embraced all your fellow humans, all your fellow creatures on the planet. You found it an exciting new adventure, and you immersed yourselves in the joy of it all.

“But then you grew up.

“By that time, the mass consciousness had probably convinced you the devil is in the diversity. If someone is different from you, there’s some evil in that.

“You all have the right to choose your own paths. And you have the responsibility to allow others to choose their own paths. Never is anyone on a wrong spiritual path. Never!

“All paths lead home.”

What are your thoughts? Do you believe all paths lead home? Do you have a hard time with those whose beliefs are radically different from yours? Please comment below.


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  1. Pim Hols

    All the paths people are walking are just experiences. There is no good or bad….
    A human being is God in physical form. But they don’t know that anymore. They forgot.

  2. Reinis

    I believe the source of all judgment, criticism and attack is fear. Fear for one’s beliefs, worldview and very existence. Because the beliefs most people proclaim as theirs are not really their – they have picked them up along the way and blindly accepted.

    It applies to many spiritual paths as well – accepting spiritual beliefs intellectually is *not* the same as accepting them in your heart – living them.

    In short – only by discovering our True Self can we feel safe and not feel threatened by those different from us.

    In other words – unconditional love requires letting go of *all* conditions.


  3. Jo

    Maybe all paths lead home because we never left there. Maybe every path is the same because every path suggests we are not there and must journey to there. Maybe when we judge others for their path it is but a projection of our own fear and self judgement as a result of the misconception in each path that somehow we have to be or do more to be who we have always been. Maybe this is the miracle.

  4. Joseph

    This subject gave me a new insight into the old song,”You take the high road and I’ll take the low road,” for we each are free to choose which road/experience we want to travel to get to the same destination – our union with Father/Mother God – Oneness. The high road is faster and more direct as we are seeing with a higher perspective, and the low road is longer and possibly a bit darker because we have to navigate through the darker, denser valleys. Eventually though all are united at the same starting point, our union with our true core essence. Each moment gives us the opportunity to change our path, to climb higher so that we can get a better view – a higher awareness.

  5. Judith Anderson

    Yes, I believe that all paths lead home and that a multitide of possibilities are available to ensure that there is always at least one that will resonae for anyone looking.

    I do not have problems with any other belief that is based in love, but I do have a struggle with anyone who uses violence or hatred of “the other”. It can be quite a challenge for me, especially if a child is being separated out and made to feel different and unacceptable.

  6. Robin S.

    I do believe that all paths lead home. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how another comes to the conclusions that they do, but…as Abraham-Hicks wrote today as their thought of the day; when humans try to quantify or to translate the meaning of what god is into their own Belief Systems(BS) ; ), there becomes a great rift and distortion between varying perceptions. However there are bits and pieces of truth in all of it. All should follow their own guidance…instead of another’s, and avoid trying to control another’s freedom of choice.
    All roads are like the spokes of a wheel, connected by the hub and the rim, which allows it to spin and to roll. The spokes when fine tuned create balance. This simply moves us into a greater awareness, as the wheel starts to spin and facilitates ease of understanding and co-operation…amongst contrasting ideologies.

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