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This week we’re featuring another article by my dear friend and brother, Ted Murray. Ted’s an accomplished writer and spiritual teacher. He’s also a great tennis coach.

In Ted’s message, he asks an intriguing question: Is ancient wisdom important for us today?

Ted Murray

With the new energy and light that are flowing into the planet, are the ancient ways of spirituality still relevant for us? In many ways, the relevance of traditional religions and even old spiritual traditions are no longer necessary.

Most were developed when the process of spiritual evolution required decades of study at the feet of a master and a challenging system of initiation. Lifetimes were often required to achieve a level of mastery.

As effective as these methods may have been, most of them relied on the need for an intermediary to connect the initiate to God. In doing so, many religions became a system that created a hierarchy of control that keep people down instead of liberating them.

With today’s increased light on the planet, it is possible to communicate directly with the Great Central Sun—the God Creator of all, through your inner God self. No intermediary is needed.

Ancient systems that are now being brought forth and shared with the world may still be right for you—if they are meant to empower you to discover your own inner strength and guidance.

The Christ Consciousness that is engulfing the world today embraces all systems that are based on love, freedom, and empowerment. This truly is a time for honoring ancient wisdom and its emphasis on understanding and loving the entire planet earth and the totality of the cosmic creation.

Love and Light,

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Ever since I was a little boy just learning to read, I’ve admired the ancient wisdom of the Native Americans. In this short video, Ezekiel “Good Buffalo Eagle” Sanchez, co-founder of the Anasazi Foundation, shares some of that wisdom with us.


What do you think about the traditional religions many of us are familiar with? Do they serve your spiritual needs or not?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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  1. ron

    Very well said not that it requires a genius to say it but a short video is plenty to start off the day. Dang I find that communication with a deceased poker champ even helps a lot, lol. Basic law of attraction is so simple and easy to use yet effective. Makes life fun. Hugs, Ron

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