Are You a Victim of Yourself? by John Cali

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My first real spiritual teacher was Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts. Most of my work with Spirit has its roots in Seth’s teachings.

I thought we might explore a few of those teachings in several of our next blog posts, starting with this one.

As those of you who’ve been with us a while know, I’ve never been a fan of psychotherapy, or of the belief our “subconscious” is forever sabotaging us. The underlying assumption there is we are victims of ourselves. But are we?

Spirit and I have spoken about this publicly and privately many times.

Here are two excerpts from an old newsletter, first me and then Spirit:


“(This) reminds me of something author Barry Neil Kaufman said in his book, Outsmarting Your Karma and Other Preordained Conditions: ‘Psychoanalysis is skin-diving into a bathtub of old bones . . . .’ I think psychoanalysis can be useful for certain people under certain conditions. But I also think it’s vastly overrated and overused in our society today.”


“…you must remember you are the creator of your reality, of all your experiences, whether you consider them good or bad. If you are seeing someone or something in your past as the cause of whatever you’re experiencing now, you’re giving your power away. You are making yourself a victim….It’s not really the past that’s controlling, or even influencing, you now. It’s your attention to the past in this present moment.

Finally, here’s something Jane Roberts said in an introduction to one of her Seth books many years ago:

“We are not at the mercy of the subconscious, or helpless before forces that we cannot understand. The conscious mind directs unconscious activity and has at its command all the powers of the inner self. These are activated according to our ideas about reality. ‘We are gods couched in creaturehood,’ Seth says, given the ability to form our experience as our thoughts and feelings become actualized.”

What are your thoughts about being a victim of yourself? Please comment below.

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  1. John Cali

    Thank you, Cara and Shirley, for your thoughtful comments.


  2. Shirl

    Hi John

    So many of us spent our early days with the Seth Books. One of my dearest friends and I are in the process of doing an in-depth re-reading of The Nature of Personal Reality. We have read the book several times over the years, but as it is with higher truths, there is always more at a deeper level to see and experience.

    I also have a connection with Psychology, but I have found the things of spiritual truths to be more pertinent to my life.

    As I perceive it, we are the victim of only those things we allow to victimize us. We choose to be victim either by making a choice or by default.

    As we are going through the book, The Nature of Personal Reality, our purpose in this time is to identify the myriad "false beliefs" that we have been imprinted with or chosen during our lives here. As we identify them, and many of them have been very cleverly hidden by us and seldom brought to consciousness, we are taking conscious note of what they are and then choosing to change our negative or unproductive beliefs into positive thoughts, expressions and "beliefs" in order to redirect our growth and expansion along our journey here.

    It is very interesting and sometimes surprising what comes up to be scrutinized when we make this conscious effort to form new, more positive, more uplifting and liberating beliefs.

    It doesn't necessarily happen in an instant, but it is something we are now so consciously aware of that we are making an energized effort to imprint ourselves with these new beliefs.

    I chose many years ago not to be a victim to anything. Learning as I have and as I continue to learn, I see that I am truly and fully the creator of my own reality, just as we all are.

    As a side note. I am still living here in Clark, Wy. Would love to have a cup of tea or lunch sometime if you are around and not too busy.

    Congratulations on the new blog. May it exceed your fondest dreams.

    Love and Hugs
    Shirley White aka Shirlstars

  3. Cara Wilde

    ooohh this is interesting. Having a counseling background myself I have had to "unlearn" a lot of my training. I think we can simply change our mind about ourselves in the present moment. We may have beliefs that still tie us to our past which continue to play out in our current and future realities until we become aware of them and actively change them.
    My perception of what Seth talks about in terms of the subconscious is that it is not our enemy. it is not trying to sabotage us, from it's perspective it is trying to protect us in some way. Seth talks of following the thought so that we can identify the beliefs that we are operating from, otherwise much of our beliefs can remain unconscious to us and simply seem to be the way things are. I believe that Seth was referring to the Freudian psychoanalytical process that would have been prevalent at the time, which saw that this process of understanding would take years and years. The bipolar view to that is that we have no subconscious beliefs. I don't think that is true either. I think sometimes we do act unconsciously, seemingly just how we are, unless we use our reality as a reflection of our internal world (vibrational state). If our reality is a physical manifestation of our preferred desires, then success. Otherwise we have something to change. We can simply change our mind and consciously chose a new thought but sometimes this can prove challenging. EFT, zpoint, energy medicine and other similar techniques allow us to free ourselves from the past in minutes. So I think that psychoanalysis belongs to an old world view and I also think that some of the teachings of Abraham leaves gaps.

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