Many years ago a young lady (I’ll call her “Karen”) wrote me because she was deeply concerned about her mother’s well-being.

The mother was single, and Karen desperately wanted her to find a romantic partner and “live happily ever after.” But she didn’t know what she could do to help her mom.

Karen said she’d been anxiously worrying and fearing the worst. The worst being, in Karen’s view, that her mother would live out the rest of her life with no man. As she put it, her mom “needs a man to complete her.”

I cringed when I read that. Why did an otherwise bright and spiritually-minded young lady like Karen believe we need other people to be complete?

Here’s what Spirit has to say:

“How do you see yourself? In your own eyes, are you loving and kind? Are you sexy? Are you bright and beautiful? Would you want you as your best friend? As your perfect lover?

“If you can truthfully answer “Yes,” you are in the perfect position to draw to yourself your perfect partner. Why? Because you are literally head-over-heels in love with yourself.

“If you are head-over-heels in love with you, you don’t need another, do you? That brings us to our next point.

“Today many relationships, and probably most romantic relationships, start from a place of need. A place of feeling you, by yourself, are not enough.

“But you are enough, all by yourself. You are complete, all by yourself. If you’re looking for another to complete you, the relationship is doomed from the beginning.

“So know you are completely complete without another. Then you will attract your soulmate.”


What about you? Are you complete without a romantic partner? Do you need other people to be fully who you are? Please comment below.