Are You Sad? by John Cali

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John Cali

Being back here in the part of New York State where I grew up has reminded me of a few things I’d almost forgotten.

Among those nearly forgotten things is western New York’s weather.

This time of year (fall and winter, for those of you living in other climates) the skies are often grey for days on end, and with seemingly endless rain and snow storms.

There’s even a name (thanks, I guess, to our medical experts) for a radical mood change some folks experience due to the weather. It’s called “seasonal affective disorder” or “SAD.”

According to those experts, SAD plunges many people into depression. Here in New York State, the dull, grey, seemingly endless wet and cold weather is debilitating to many folks.

Some of my family, as I’ve recently been reminded, have this “SAD syndrome.”

And so that got me to thinking about all life’s sad stuff. (Pun intended!) And also about a far lesser known, but almost identical, “disorder.”

It seems there are people living in places (like Arizona or Southern California in the USA) where there are probably as many sunny days a year as there are grey days in New York.

Some of those folks, according to the research I’ve read, suffer just as painfully as all those SAD folks. Basically, they simply get tired of seeing the sun come up every morning — just as the folks here in New York get tired of seeing the dawning of another dull grey day.

All this got me to wondering about us humans. Have we gotten so lost, so disconnected from our higher selves — from our source — that we are helpless victims of whatever forces surround us?

Instead of being masters of our ships of life, our ships have become masters of us.

Here’s Spirit.


You live in a world today where there are many distractions, dramas, and traumas. All of which can, if you let them, take you from the focus you intended to have when you were born into your current physical body.

Friends, you have heard us say this many times over the years, but it bears repeating. You did not come into this lifetime to suffer through a sad, dreary existence, only to have it end painfully and without purpose. That was the farthest thing from the intent you (at your soul level) held when you chose to be born again.

Your intent was to be a joyful creator. To immerse yourself in the vast and endless sea of diversity that is your planet at this time in your human history.

You ( the soul “you”) did not intend to live a joyless life in your body only to be buffeted, tossed about, and torn by all the forces and energies you experience on the earth plane today.

Instead, this “soul you” intended the human you to find joy in the diversity, to find pleasure in the passing of time, to find excitement in the expressing of your free will, your freedom of choice.

And here, friends, we come to the heart of today’s discussion.

You have free will. You are always free to choose a different life in every present moment.

Where you are now is the result of all the choices you’ve made in all your past present moments. But all the choices you make in all your current present moments will determine all your future present moments.

Our point is this:
All your power is in this present moment. All your power is NOW!

Do you get that? All your power is right here in this present moment — exactly where you are as you are reading this — this very powerful, all-powerful present moment.

Whatever choices you make today will create your tomorrow.

And so let us return to the point from which we started today:
Do the forces around you (cloudy days, sunny days, etc.) determine how you will live your life?

Or do you determine how you will live your life?

Do the clouds and the sun have more power over you than you have over you?

We are not saying the environment in which you live has no effect on you. We are saying you have far more power over yourself than your environment does. And that includes the other people in your environment.

Which leads us to our final point today — and that is your connection to your higher self, your soul.

When you are fully and consciously connected to your higher self, you live in a state of bliss, joy, and power.

And how do you achieve (and maintain) that fully conscious connection?

By remembering who you really are.

You are not a victim of circumstances — or the weather, the clouds, the sun, other people. You are not a pawn buffeted about by the “powers that be.” You are not lost, and you definitely don’t need to be saved.

You are you — this divine being of incredible power and wisdom who can do and have and be whatever you choose.

Life is good. You are good. And you are free to choose — or not choose — whatever good you want to bring into your life.

All is well, friends. You cannot get your life wrong — it’s impossible! For all paths lead Home.

And Home is back to the full remembering of who you truly are.

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