Battling Versus Healing by John Cali

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I don’t suppose there’s any greater incidence of cancer in this little northern Rocky Mountain town where I live than anywhere else. But it seems to occupy a goodly amount of space in local newspaper articles.

One of the “common elements,” if you will, of those articles is the phrase “battling cancer.” Even those who survive have “battled cancer.” Those who didn’t survive “lost the battle to cancer.”

Why do we focus on fighting battles instead of healing bodies? After all, if you’re battling cancer, you’re also battling your body. Pardon the pun, but that’s a losing battle if I ever saw one.

Some years ago, we did an article on this very subject. Here’s part of what Spirit said:

“It’s important for you, and it is not certainly the general practice in your society today, to shift your perspective of your physical bodies. Most of you on the earth plane view your body as ‘the enemy.’

“That is not an exaggeration. All you need to do is look at your mainstream news media. Look at your traditional medical literature and practices. Your body is your enemy. You talk, for example, of someone battling cancer, of someone fighting AIDS. You talk about the war on cancer, the war on AIDS. You have got wars on every imaginable health hazard.

“The upshot of it all is that many of you, if not most of you, view your own bodies as your enemy. Nothing could be farther from the truth than that.

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  1. Anonymous

    I absolutely agree! In any area of life, what we fight against, we give energy to. What we focus on expands. And by fighting something, we are sending out the same type of energy that we are wishing to elminate! Talk about futile!

    When a friend had cancer years ago, my daughter & I created visual images for her to focus on & bound them into a book she could look at whenever she wanted. One of them was a picture of the cancer cells going into a clinic to get birth control pills, so they couldn't multiply any longer! It was kind of funny, but also gave her the mental image of cancer cells being less dangerous or overwhelming. We also did a picture of a kindly Being giving each cancer cell a hug, to make them feel loved and valuable, so they didn't need to be out of control and multiplying to get attention.

    I also read about a woman diagnosed with TB and given a short time to live, who realized how many negative and judgmental things she'd said about her body over the years. She began to speak to every cell in her body, asking for its forgiveness for the hurtful things she'd said. Then she began to visualize her body as whole and healthy. She and her husband started a spiritual movement and she lived for about 50 more years!

    Sending love to our bodies is the greatest gift we can give them.

    Thanks for getting us thinking about our habitual use of words and our attitudes that are not helpful!


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