Crystal Child by John Cali

We recently received an email from a newsletter subscriber. She was asking about her 12-year-old son. Here’s part of her email:

“I’m the mother of a 12 year old ‘crystal child’ and I’d love some parenting advice. Can (my spirit guides) talk about these ‘new’ children? He eats funny (he has a very limited diet and isn’t willing to try new things), he’s in constant motion (sitting still is quite difficult), he is VERY headstrong (he doesn’t want to learn at all from any of my experience). On the other hand, he has such wonderful qualities of being so loving and getting along with everyone. From this quality alone, I can see why these children have come. So, any advice to help parents deal with these children would be greatly appreciated.”

I asked my spirit guides to comment on this mother’s email. Here’s what they said:

“These children are living from the heart, from the wise all-knowing perspective of their soul selves. They are following their inner guidance. They don’t care what others think of them. They do not fit ‘the mold’ — your preconceptions of what children ‘should’ be and how they ‘should’ act.

“They are free of the limitations you adults have imposed upon yourselves. They want none of that. They refuse to shackle themselves, as you have shackled yourselves.

“These children have come to remind you who you are — divine beings of light and love who are free to be whoever and whatever you choose. Free of society’s shackles. Free to simply BE who you are. And to do it joyfully.”

What are your thoughts about this mother’s experience? Have you had similar experiences with a “crystal child”? Please comment below.

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  1. Wil in Amsterdam

    Hi Cara, Education is not anymore like it was in our time: you have to learn when your are young or else you would not have another chance to learn. But due to the internet anybody can lean just in time when needed. Sure they want to learn to read and write etc. But after that they can learn how to find their way on the internet with some help. I wonder what Chief Joseph thinks of education.

  2. Cara Wilde

    Hi John

    I'm not sure that I would describe my children as "crystal" but I can see huge similarities in Chief Joseph's description. My eldest (6) was able to hear my thoughts as a younger child and quite often spoke his answers to questions I had only thought. Both my children (the youngest is 4) have a determination to honour their own needs and impulses. They also have strong opinions. Both reach out to people naturally and the eldest has a particular love of babies and will often run up to children who are crying to reassure them – or tell their parents not to shout at their children as it scares them.

    They too don't sit still for long and if they went to school they would, I'm sure, be labelled with Hyperactivity or ADHD. They need nature, lots of it and an honouring of their learning styles which is kinesthetic, visual spatial.

    I often wonder if I have two completely wild children and then remember that I have spent most of my adult life trying to become more wild 🙂

    For me parenting is hugely challenging and rewarding. I stumble often. Fall flat on my face sometimes and fly with bliss at others.

    I have questions about their role in humanities evolution and I remain unconvinced of some of the theories. I decided years ago that mainstream education and parenting were not going to be part of our lives and as they grow I become more certain of my decision.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts

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