Do Opposites Really Attract? by John Cali & Spirit

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Your prayer causes you to focus, and the Law of Attraction causes everything in the Universe that’s in vibrational harmony with your focus to come to you. ~ Abraham-Hicks

Day and night are the same

Day and night are not opposites, only different aspects of the oneness

One of our readers sent us this letter a while back:

Hi John,

I hope all is well with you.

I would like to run a question (by) you. I trust your insights.

If Law of Attraction is working everywhere, where people and things tend to attract what is similar to them, why are humans attracted by the other sex, looking or even craving for features that are very different—even the opposite of ourselves, at least physically?

Here is Spirit’s and my response:

The answer to our reader’s question is simple—so simple, in fact, it’s easy to overlook. The key here is in this part of the question:

…why are humans attracted by the other sex, looking for or even craving for features that are very different—even the opposite of ourselves, at least physically?

When you are attracted to another person, or even a group of people, it is because you see, or sense in some way, something familiar in them. It’s familiar because what you’re seeing is a reflection of yourself and what is within you.

Even though the other person may appear outwardly, physically, opposite from you, it is just that—an appearance only.

Our reader talks about “the other sex.” Are you attracted to someone of the other (or opposite) sex because they are different from you?

The answer is, “No, you are attracted because you are the same in many ways, even if you are of the opposite sex. After all, all of  you possess attributes of both sexes. You are far more the same than you are different.

As in the image above that John chose, night and day are simply just two sides of the same coin. They are different aspects of the same reality. They are not opposites.

The Law of Attraction operates perfectly at all times. However, it responds only to your vibration, not necessarily to your words or thoughts. It will bring you only what you are vibrationally “in sync” with.

For example, if you say you want to be healthy, but are always criticizing what’s “wrong” with your body, what is your primary vibration? It is certainly not health—it’s sickness. And that’s what the Law of Attraction will bring you.

As we said, the Law of Attraction works flawlessly, always. You always get what your primary vibration summons, even if it appears to be an “opposite.”

There is truly nothing opposite from you. Everything, everyone is simply one aspect of the oneness, of all that is.


Do you believe opposites attract? What part does the Law of Attraction play in the choices we make every day of our lives?

Please share your thoughts with us below.


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Here are Esther Hicks and Abraham responding to a question about opposites attracting.



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4 Responses

  1. Joes

    I’ve been thinking along these lines and I think it’s not that simple
    There are other laws of the universe such as the law of polarity,rhythm etc
    To focus on one law in isolation gets a bit tricky
    Opposites complement each other ,the yin and yang which bring balance and harmony ,the who,e universe yearns for balance or homeostasis and wholeness ,nature is based on this principle
    There is the principle of gender or yin and yang inherent in everything
    I’ve been theorising on this
    I think the yang is in the intending or building up a charge around something and the yin is letting it go so it can come back attract to you when you are open to receive it (the yin energy)
    So even in attraction there is the yang iniiating and the yin recieving
    Or just the giving and recieving necessary for life and abundance
    Law of attraction or cause and effect has to be put in perspective with all the other laws of the universe
    I prefer to think of karma nowadays it easier and simpler yet complex, what you give you get ,what ever you put out or expect from the magic mirror of reality as manly p hall puts it what you expect you expierience
    Also Annie besant and theosophy go a bit deeper into this, vibrations etc
    I’ve been finding the older esoteric information a bit more grounded and practical down to earth approach to the whole thing
    Hicks runs on a few basic concepts in varying forms but there is more information and laws to life ,the more you know the more empowered u r to create ones own reality
    Anyway that’s me and my two cents
    There’s always more to the picture and the univers than meets the eye
    Anyway I’d like to give a Native American blessing to finish around this digital campfire but I’ll just say thanks,happy new year and I hope this helps

  2. George Ball

    I would just like to meet a lady with whom there is a mutual attraction and I couldn’t care less about whether or not we are “opposites.” Love, George (hoping many are attracted to my message regardless of their “opposition.”)

    • John Cali

      Thank you, George. I’m sure there’s one of those out there somewhere, just waiting for you. Love, John

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