Easter Sunday new life

Tomorrow, various traditions around the world will observe Easter Sunday. What is Easter? Here’s Spirit’s perspective.


The religious cultures many of you have experienced have misled you on the true meaning of Easter.

You were taught Jesus suffered and died an agonizing death on the cross—all to atone for your “sins.”

We realize what we’re saying here will certainly be controversial among some, perhaps even blasphemous.

But Jesus did not die for your sins. He never had any intention of doing that.

He experienced what many perceive to be an intensely painful ordeal, and then he died.

But that is all a myth. Really, it is a lie the powers that be (and were) heaped upon you for their own dark motives. The experience of what you see as the agony of suffering and death did not happen.

Yes, Jesus had an experience. But it is not what you have been taught it was.

He chose that experience to prove to you there is no death. He did not suffer physical pain. He was able to shift his consciousness to the point he felt no pain at all. And he certainly did not die for “sins” you have never committed.

So what is “death” if it is not real? Only this:

You will all die to your old selves—the selves you, as your ego mind, see. You will arise from the “dead” of illusion to your new life as your true selves.

The resurrection is not a raising from the dead. It is simply proof there is no death. You have simply been given new, clear vision of your true identity as a child of God/Goddess.

It’s that simple.

Life is eternal. Death is an illusion.

Copyright © 2020 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


In this interesting video Joey Papa gives us some perspective on the true meaning of eternal life.

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