The End of Life

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Over the years Spirit has talked about death many times.

Unfortunately, it’s a subject most humans prefer to avoid. It instills dread and fear in the hearts of many.

Having grown up in the United States and now living in the Netherlands, it’s struck me how vast a difference there is between the Dutch and American views of death.

A couple of weeks ago, Dries van Agt, a Roman Catholic and former Dutch prime minister, and his wife Eugenie, died hand-in-hand by euthanasia. It’s perfectly legal under Dutch law. No one was shocked.


As we’ve said a few times over the years, euthanasia is a near-constant subject of interest. And a subject of conflict, legal and otherwise.

Today we want to revisit some of the thoughts we’ve had over many years about this most fascinating (to us) subject.


At the risk of offending some of you, we would remind you that letting go in death is the last best thing you can do for your human family.

In Berna’s and Johnny’s families, there have been some members who lingered long and painfully with serious illnesses. And that is likely true for many of you reading this.

It is also likely, euthanasia was not considered or practiced.The reason is simple: You fear death! You fear it because you have no idea of what death is.

As Johnny is fond of saying, “You didn’t come here to earth to stay forever.”

You, at your spirit level, came to earth to play, have fun, and grow in joy.

Read that last sentence again. Life is supposed to be fun, even in your darkest hours!

Life is sacred, yes—all life. But your Creator never meant your physical life to be forever. It was meant to be a single, simple step in your eternal journey of joy.

When you are on a journey, you never consider it wrong or evil to take the next step. Physical life is a journey. Your next step is death.

Your Creator never intended your physical life to be a time of suffering. You have created the suffering, not the Creator. Life is a time of challenges, yes. But a time of suffering, NO!

And so, when life does become a journey of unbearable suffering, there is no sin in moving on by whatever means works for you.

Are we saying euthanasia is sometimes a good and acceptable path? Yes!

You didn’t come here to stay forever. You didn’t come here to suffer endlessly. You came to experience physical life in all its joys and sorrows.

And then you return to that Home you never left.


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  1. Lynn

    Yes I totally agree and I see leaving this world for the next an adventure.
    There is no death.

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