We realize some of you reading this will find the subject “distasteful”, in Spirit’s words. Or worse. So, without further ado, let’s proceed.


Today we’re talking about death, a subject many find distasteful at minimum. Specifically, abortion.

When you have an unborn fetus, a baby still in its mother’s womb, there is always a soul or spirit willing to occupy it. That spirit is fully aware of the what is going on with the potential mother, the woman who carries the fetus.

That fetus is simply a part of the woman’s body at that moment. But there is no soul (or spirit) inhabiting that fetus.

So what you call abortion is not murder.

We would simply compare it to—let’s take a simple example here… When Johnny was 15 years old, he had his appendix removed because it was defective. Would you call that murder?

We do not mean to trivialize human life and well-being here. But removing a fetus through the process you call abortion is no different from removing a diseased appendix.

The appendix is no more a fully developed human life than is a fetus. A fetus, by the way, into which no soul or spirit has yet chosen to occupy.

This will be controversial among our readers. But it is good to present these issues now and then.

Your Roman Catholic Church has no problem recommending so-called “just wars.” Yet it condemns abortion (and euthanasia, etc.)

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In this short talk, science educator Bill Nye, discusses abortion. Again, we’re treading on controversial ground here. But please listen to this, regardless of your beliefs or values. It’s just a bit over 1 minute long.

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