Conquer Your Fear of Death and Know You are Immortal

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Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. ~ Susan Ertz, British author


Would you want to live forever? The quest for physical immortality seems to be consuming more and more people today. Our planet appears to be plunged into deep confusion and chaos. Why, then, would anyone want to live in that for endless years?


We’ve spoken before about the chaos engulfing the planet and all living beings on it.

Your beloved Mother Earth and each of you individually are being challenged to move bravely forward on your path of growth, of remembering and awakening.

You have no savior coming for the second time to pluck you out of the fire, as it were. There will be no mass alien landings, no extraterrestrial rescue missions. This life you have chosen is strictly do-it-yourself, although you certainly have much spiritual guidance available to you.

Doing it yourself does not have to be painful or joyless. Of course, it can be that, if that’s what you choose. And it’s time to acknowledge you do have a choice. You have total freedom to exercise that choice any way you please.

You did not come to this life to suffer a joyless life, only to reach a useless death. Life certainly has its challenges. But you can decide to be happy, even when you’re challenged. That is what your Creator wants for you. You came here to play the game of life. And you are meant to win that game.

You came here to remember the Home from which you came. Even now, you remain safely and securely anchored in that Home. Nothing can ever touch you, let alone harm you. We can think of no reason why you would want to be physically immortal when your true Home awaits you.

Your only real challenges while you’re here are fear and resistance. Fear of life and resistance to all the good the Creator wants for you.

If you remember who you are, the spiritual beings who came from—and are the essence of God—then fear and resistance cannot prevail. They cannot even continue to exist. They must die.

If death on your planet is certain, it is the death of fear. You are immortal.

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I’m sure some will find this video controversial and thought-provoking. For one thing, the central character’s premise is “aging is a disease.” He wants to be physically immortal. Would you?


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  1. Mikala

    Gee, George and John, I’ve been wondering if you can sneak in a nap or two. It seems to me that angels are working constantly. Grin

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Mikala. I agree with you — they should be able to take a nap now and then. 🙂

  2. George Ball

    Thank God! And thank you, dear John. Love, George

  3. George Ball

    Dear John, I’m concerned about immortality – I might get bored! Love, George

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