God, The World, and You

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One of our favorite spiritual teachers is the Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr. In one of Father Richard’s recent messages, he said:

“When you can see Christ in all things (including yourself!), you will see and live differently. I’ve spent my life trying to remind people of their inherent belovedness, and I pray that our work at the Center for Action and Contemplation has played a role in helping you to see, feel, and experience the hope of your own chosenness in God.

All this has little to do with religion, but everything to do with transforming our world into what it was meant to be.


And what was your world meant to be?

That question has been answered by many spiritual teachers and leaders over the centuries.

We realize your world seems to be, literally, one hell of a mess these days. And your job—the job of all spiritual seekers—is to transform your world from one hell of a mess to what it was truly meant to be.

The one you know as Jesus, or the Christ, made it his life’s work to help with this transformation. He is still doing this work, through each of you, every day you will allow him to walk with you on your way.

That way is utterly simple. Or, as Father Richard put it, seeing the Christ in all things, including yourself.

That simple shift in perception has the power to, literally, change/transform your world into paradise.

Does that sound too simple, too easy? Well, it is simple, it is easy.

We’ll discuss this further another day.

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In this video, the great spiritual teacher, Mooji, explains how all we seek is truly within each  of us.

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