The Greatest Gift: An Alternative To War

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Wisdom born of experience should tell us that war is obsolete. There may have been a time when war served as a negative good by preventing the spread and growth of an evil force . . . .If we assume that life is worth living, if we assume that mankind has the right to survive, then we must find an alternative to war. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr., The Christmas Sermon on Peace, December 24, 1967



This has been a crazy time around here. Last week we got a record-breaking blizzard. Many folks, including me, were snowed in for at least a few days. Between digging out and all the other distractions, I didn’t get much work done. So this week’s post is going to be brief.

I know all of you reading this are from various countries, cultures, spiritual traditions, etc. But whether you celebrate (or don’t celebrate) any of the more than a dozen December and January religious holidays, my spirit guides and I wish a beautiful and blessed season! May 2017 bring you an abundance of peace and love.

Finally, let us send all our sisters and brothers the world over only thoughts of peace and love. Only then will we find that alternative to war Dr. King talks about. That will be the greatest gift we can give the world and ourselves.


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Here is the wonderfully talented Susan Boyle singing my all-time favorite Christmas carol.



In these often-chaotic times, we hear much about police brutality. Bob Welsh is a retired officer for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and also a master storyteller. Here he talks about the many Christmas Eves he spent as a police officer, and the greatest gift we can give others—our caring and compassion.




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23 Responses

  1. Margaret Unger

    Heal all the warring factions within ourselves first, for the outer world is nly a reflection of our inner world. Bring ourselves into the frequency of peace and maintain it. Our frequencies resonate with others and can change their frequencies to be in resonance with the higher frequency. Back door way is help heal Gaia, so her frequency is higher. As our bodies are part and particle of Gaia, as her frequency raises so does ours – every person on the planet.
    I wanted to thank you for your work and send you blessings of this sacred, and magical season.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Margaret. I forget who said it, but I love this quote: Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me. As you said, we’re all connected, with each other and with our beloved Mother Earth.

      I appreciate your kind words. I wish you and your loved ones a most bright and beautiful season of celebration!

  2. Pat Ruppel

    Thank you, John, for sharing and glad to hear you dug yourself out. Not too far from you, here in Colorado, seems like most of it missed us.

    I pray we choose the alternative Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaks of this Christmas and the New Year to come. Merry Christmas to you — God bless and Happy New Year.

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Pat. Well, it was a lot of work, but we’re past the toughest part. Though more snow is predicted for tonight. I saw that Colorado didn’t get hit like we did. I love winter, but that was a bit much. πŸ™‚

      I too pray more and more of us choose the alternative. This old world of ours needs a lot more peacemakers!

      God bless you too, Pat. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

  3. Mikala

    I pray for the day when everyone and everything awakens and realizes that what is next to you, or far in the distance is a part of you. All part of the One, the Unity of the One. There will be abundant peace, love, and compassion, Divine Light, and a beautiful, overflowing Earth, ready to fulfill everyone’s dreams. I see this in my dreams.
    The Creator is within each of us. There will be Peace, Joy, and Love in every heart.

    I wish all of this, for everyone at this time. And my heart says, “watch over the children, they are our future.”
    Love and joy to all.


    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Mikala.

      You said it all perfectly. That is also my wish and my prayer.

      Merry Christmas!

  4. Karen Lee Samson

    Dear John,
    I can hardly remember blizzards, for I was probably 5 when I experienced my last blizzard. Your news is always uplifting.During this holiday season, I hope the peace, love, joy, contentment, compassion, caring, and sharing are extended into all of our hearts and actions for everyday of our life on this Earth. The greatest gifts as you and many have repeated over and over are certainly, kindness, respect, love, compassion, communication, and a joyful heart within each soul. Gratitude for our extended universal family, the joy we each carry in our heart is a gift of peace and contentment and love for one another.
    I still see beautiful snowy days in my heart and memory, although living in a tropical climate.

    • John Cali

      Hi Karen,

      I don’t think I’ll ever forget blizzards — I’ve lived with them most of my life. But I love winter. πŸ™‚

      I agree with you, Karen — the greatest gift any of us can give ourselves and others is our love, joy and peace.

      Enjoy your beautiful snowy days in your heart and memory — you have it a lot easier than those of us still digging out of this last storm. And another one’s headed our way for Christmas. πŸ™‚


      • Karen Lee Samson

        I love Winter too! As well as autumn,
        My two favorite seasons, yet I also love being near my grandchildren and getting to see them often.
        Happy New Years!
        Oh, I do not think I would be a great driver in snow… A child I only played in it with no responsibilities.
        Having to dig myself out out of a driveway daily, I would not like. The driving I would fear on ice and frozen snow, yet the beauty of snow, icicles, and nature are dear memories to my heart! I love cold weather too, much more than tropical heat…yet my ex-husband was born and raised in Florida…and as we met in college days dinosaur years ago in the mountains of NC….this is where I have been transplanted….and where I was a teacher for 32 years…time flys by…best to have joy where ever we are, for true happiness comes from within our heart and spirit.

        • John Cali

          Hi again, Karen.

          Winter and fall are my favorite seasons too. Although all seasons have their special beauty.

          People around here are used to driving in wintry conditions, but it was a challenge for most of us this past week with all the snow, gale-force winds, and subzero temperatures. I agree with you — we should find joy wherever we live. After all, joy comes from within us, not our surroundings. As with the changing seasons, all places also have their special beauty.


          • Karen Lee Samson

            Yes, John, you are right….every season has beauty. Yet getting to enjoy all four seasons must be a real treat! I have my memories of two seasons …and am full of gratitude ….

          • John Cali

            I agree, Karen — getting to enjoy all four seasons is a real treat. I lived for a short time in southern California and the desert Southwest. I always missed the seasonal changes — it was summer year-round down there. Gets a little monotonous! πŸ™‚


  5. Toni Desrocher

    Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Christmas and New Year, John!


    • John Cali

      Thank you so much, Toni! And a most Merry Christmas and bright Happy New Year to you!


  6. Jeannie

    Let the Light you are shine forth,let the peace, joy and love in your Soul be your guide as you journey through this fabulous time of the Light getting stronger as the days lengthen. Smile and be of good cheer and life will become the peace you desire it to be. Hold what you desire within you thoughts for thoughts are things and what we think is manifested one way or another. Choose wisely and bring laughter, joy, peace and love into the world as you go out into your day.

    love and hugs to all

  7. Maria

    Dear John,
    I always look forward receiving your Inspirational emails.
    Thank you.
    I would like to wish you & all the readers a peaceful & joyous Christmas. May the true meaning of Christmas be celebrated each moment of our life.
    Buon Natale e ogni bene nel 2017.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Maria, for your kindness.

      May you also have a peaceful and joyous Christmas. Your words are very wise — “May the true meaning of Christmas be celebrated each moment of our life.”

      God bless you,

  8. Helena Nenonen

    Thank You, John.
    Your blog is One of the Greatest Gifts I’ve received regularly. Thank You for your wisdom and love.

    I’ve been reading A Course in Miracles since 2004. I know Who we are. Very often I forget… and then Your email comes.

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Helena! I deeply appreciate your most kind words.

      I also have been reading A Course In Miracles, though not as long as you have. As you say, ACIM reminds us very powerfully of who we truly are. I too sometimes forget. But the course has literally transformed my life in the 3 years I’ve been studying it.

      God bless you, Helena!


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