Do You Want To Be Immortal?

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Celine Halioua is the young founder of a company called Loyal. Her life’s mission is to help dogs live longer lives. If you’re a dog lover (as I am) you know your loyal loving dog’s life is likely far shorter than yours.

Today, there is evidence indicating it’s possible to slow down the aging process in animals, including humans.

You may have heard of Methusela, the legendary biblical figure who reportedly lived 969 years. His age cannot be proved, but his story is intriguing.

In Baird Spalding’s legendary travels, he and 10 of his fellow scientists met and studied with the Great Masters of the Himalayas, reportedly immortal beings. (If you’re interested, Baird has chronicled their travels in Life and Teaching of The Masters of The Far East.)


If you answered “Yes” to the question our title asks, perhaps you should wonder why.

Humans, obviously, consider physical life as the best of all worlds. Physical death is “the enemy,” to be avoided at all costs. You spend endless effort to prolong death. Yet you all end up there. You cannot avoid it.

Your soul did not choose to come into a physical lifetime intending to remain there forever. Yet your endless human quest for physical immortality persists.

We’d ask you to think about this deeply.

Our thoughts:

  • Physical immortality, even if it was achievable, would NOT bring you happiness.
  • Why? Because your spirit never intended that.
  • So what did it intend?
  • It intended to explore and enjoy all aspects of your eternal existence.
  • Physical life is but one small part of the grander, greater YOU. That “you” is God.

So it is a useless, frustrating path you’ve set yourselves upon. God knows S/He is eternal. The eternal journey of God (you) is a journey of joy.

It is only on that journey of joy you will ever find the peace and fulfillment you seek. The joy is in the journey. The journey is not supposed to be eternal physical life.

There is so much more to LIFE than the physical.

Enjoy the physical. But remember you did not come to earthly life to stay. You came to have fun and be joyful.

Then you move on back into that eternal Home you never really left.

Enjoy the journey, knowing you will always return Home where you belong.

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Edited by Berna Copray

In this intriguing and humorous video, we get a glimpse of what physical immortality might look like.

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  1. Henk en Elisabeth Molenaar

    For me and my wife the answer is: No. Frankly, we can’t wait to meet our early departed son. Thank the both of you for your uplifting writings and wisdoms.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Henk and Elisabeth. I’m sure you must miss your son. But, as you said, you’ll meet again. Spirit often says we never lose those we love.

      We appreciate your kind words. God bless you both!

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