The Insanity of War

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Michelantonio “Tony” Vaccaro was a World War 2 United States Army soldier and photographer. He survived the horrors of that war and is now 98 years old.

Tony, the son of Italian immigrants, speaks eloquently of war’s insanity and inhumanity. Accompanying his graphic photo of a German soldier his army unit had just killed, he had this to say:

It reminds me of the tragedy of mankind. He’s not a German. He’s a human being….We are humans. And nothing else.


As Tony says, “We are humans. And nothing else.” To that we would add, “You are one.”

It is long past time for you to remember you, collectively, are One. We speak not only of the re-integration of your so-called “higher” and “lower” selves, but also of the re-union of all beings on Planet Earth with each other, and with All That Is.

The conflicts, the disharmonies, the dis-eases you are feeling within yourselves and among yourselves can now be put to rest. The war is over.

Yes, your world is undergoing incredible changes today – there is no precedent in your human history for these changes. There are wars of all kinds on all fronts. But the real war has been the war within—within each of you, within your hearts and minds.

That war is over. In fact, it is the war that never was—except in your perception. When you remember who you are—gods and goddesses all—the war will truly be over, even in your perception. The war within—the war that never was—you’ve already won it. You just forgot. And when you remember, all your physical wars will also end.

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We used this video in an earlier post, but it’s entirely appropriate for this post also. It’s a conversation between two former World War 2 enemies.

Pay careful attention to the conversation at 4 minutes and 47 seconds. It’s a powerfully poignant moment.


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