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As you perhaps know, we sometimes have question-and-answer sessions with Spirit.

We decided to use the following question for today’s post.


Can you tell us more about the concept of intention?

Answer by Spirit

It is a powerful concept, a powerful tool in your spiritual toolbox. Your intention is everything, because with your intention you can literally change the path of your life.

So, nothing can be achieved without intention, a clear and powerful intention. Anytime you form an intention, for example, if you want to heal something, first you form the intention that it will be healed.

Then you take the steps your inner guidance directs you to take.

And the biggest obstacle here for many is the belief there inherently is something wrong or weak with your body. It can appear to be the case, but as you both have been reading, Jesus said it is the projecting in the world, including in the body, of your fear. Any physical disruption is really a misunderstanding, really a projection of fear.

Intention ideally would be to become aware of what you are doing. Intention is to realize what is going on here.

The basic intention should be to remove fear and replace it with a place of peace. It is written in the Bible that peace is a path of all understanding. That would be the great overall intention. Peace is your birthright, is your foundation, is what God is.

The big intention should be to rediscover the inner peace. It has never left, but it has slipped away from your inner awareness.

It can heal anything disruptive. Anything disruptive is a detour you have taken away from peace.


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4 Responses

  1. Joyce Graham

    Thank you for the reminder. But do we also need to experience contrast in order to able to fully appreciate the state of peace when we are there. I believe it is Abraham-Hicks that says that and it does make sense. Personally I could do without all the contrast and thoroughly love those times of peace.
    Thank you so very much for all you share.

    • Berna Copray

      Thank you for your comment, Joyce.
      Experiences based on fear are in truth blessings in disguise. These experiences bring us to a state of non-contrast.
      When you can feel the Oneness, there is no need for contrast, because in Oneness only Love, Peace and Joy exist.

  2. Jeannie

    Thank you John and Spirit. This is a very good way of explaining intention.
    Find the peace within and let it flow out of you , intention is to let it flow and believe in the process.
    Remember “Form always follows your expectation!”

    This is perfect for me today, thank you again!
    love and hugs

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