Is Your Body Your Buddy? by John Cali

The other day when I was jogging I was paying close attention to my body. I suddenly realized how much I love and appreciate this wonderful physical body I’m blessed to have.

I’ve been exercising and jogging over 45 years, most of my adult life. But until recent years I definitely did not love or appreciate my body, though I exercised faithfully. And still do.

My attitude was my body was my enemy. And one way I could keep it from falling apart was to exercise and jog. But there was no joy in it for me. Only resistance.

Sound familiar?

But now I love exercise, I love jogging, I love my body, I love my life. The end result? Now, in the autumn of my life, I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.

I finally made my body my buddy.

Here’s Spirit.

Over the years we’ve said many times in many ways you are God in human form. Even some of your mainstream religions, and certainly other spiritual traditions, call your bodies “temples” of the divine.

And they are indeed temples of God. That’s how we see your bodies. Those of us in the realms of Spirit who’ve been physically incarnated get to enjoy ourselves through you, through your physical bodies.

It truly is a great joy for us to be able to do this. We would like to see more of you taking more joy in your physical experiences, especially your bodies.

We realize things can go “wrong” with your bodies. We realize it requires a bit of “due diligence,” if you will, to care for your bodies. For example, with beneficial exercise, food, rest, etc.

But many of you approach “caretaking” of your bodies as a nuisance at best or, at worst, a bloody chore you’d rather ignore — and often do. There is, as with John in his earlier years, no joy in it. Only resistance.

Friends, when you approach your bodies and see them with the awe and reverence we do, you will thrive. Take joy in being physical. Find all the pleasure and passion you can with these magnificent mechanisms, your physical bodies.

Your bodies are not your enemy. You, at the soul level, chose your bodies before you incarnated. Even those of you who chose bodies with what you might call “challenges,” chose well and wisely.

Your higher selves knew what they were doing. Trust that. It behooves you to begin seeing your bodies with the reverence and love your higher selves do — and we do.

Yes, you can sometimes come up with physical challenges, with dis-ease. But know this — your bodies’ natural state is that of well-being.

Your bodies are far more responsive to your thoughts and feelings than most of you ever imagined. And they are far more resilient than most of you ever imagined.

So honor and love your bodies by taking good care of them. See them as the temples of God they truly are. No matter what condition they are in, honor and love them at all times. They will respond in ways that will amaze you.

Your bodies know how to be healthy and whole. Trust that. Stay out of their way. Honor and love them. We know we’re repeating ourselves here, but for a purpose.

Make your body your buddy.

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  1. anny

    My body really is my weak spot. From my early childhood on I have known that I am not my body and I think that I was never really fully inside it. It never wanted to do what I wanted and I never felt comfortable in it. The result was of course that gymnastics at school were torture and sport was the last thing I wanted to do. At the same time this meant that I have never been afraid of death as I did not want to be here in the first place and when I had a serious car accident when I was thirteen and had a beautiful OBE if not NDE experience, I was very disappointed to be back on earth again afterwards (which I never told anyone, not because I was afraid no one would believe me but I did not want to hurt my parents’ feelings).

    Over time I learned to understand what a beautiful thing a body really is, what a gift, but it has remained theoretical knowledge as I still do not feel comfortable in my body. I understand and believe what you have written but inside me there is still something that boycots the process. Of course I am faced with physical challenges now and I fully understand that I am the one who created them. I have started the process of loving and appreciating my body but it goes slowly so it will take time I guess, until all of me believes it.



    • John Cali

      Thank you, Anny, for your sharing. I have several friends and family in the same situation as you, and I have the greatest compassion for all of you.


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