Your Body

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One of our favorite quotes from A Course In Miracles  is in Lesson 204: I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.

Do you believe those words are literally true? Or are they just a “figure of speech?”


Your bodies are what you might call a “mixed blessing.” The importance you, as humans, place on your bodies is often inappropriate, to put it mildly.

Why do we say this?Read more

Is Your Body Your Buddy? by John Cali

The other day when I was jogging I was paying close attention to my body. I suddenly realized how much I love and appreciate this wonderful physical body I’m blessed to have.

I’ve been exercising and jogging over 45 years, most of my adult life. But until recent years I definitely did not love or appreciate my body, though I exercised faithfully. And still do.

My attitude was my body was my enemy. And one way I could keep it from falling apart was to exercise and jog.… Read more

Your Amazing Body by John Cali

Spirit often talks about the self-healing powers of our bodies. Yet we sometimes question and doubt those powers. Or we interfere with them, though not normally by deliberate intent.

An article I recently read talked about our bodies’ amazing abilities, not only to heal themselves, but also to regenerate themselves. Research is ongoing. But, according to the article, the human body can regenerate its liver, heart, red blood cells, brain cells, digestive tract cells, skin, and so on.

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts on the human body.… Read more

The Human Body by John Cali

Having been raised Roman Catholic, I was taught, at an early age, the human body was the “temple of God” — and, at the same time, an object of shame. Especially when it came to sex.

Talk about confusing!

Fortunately, I’ve outgrown most of the outdated concepts of the Catholic Church. But they still persist in many folks, including some of my family. (Though I must admit, I like the “temple of God” idea.)… Read more