Life Is Only About Living Your Dreams and Being Yourself

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To be alive and not to know yourself is to believe that you are really dead. For what is life except to be yourself…? ~ A Course in Miracles


I think many of us postpone our dreams (and our happiness) until later. It could be when “I have the perfect partner, the bank account, the big house, etc., etc.”

That often turns into many years—or maybe never. Why? Often it’s because we are scared to death to be ourselves, to believe in ourselves.

Sound familiar? That was certainly me for too much of my life.


This hesitation to be yourselves, to trust yourselves, often seems to “come with the territory” when you chose to incarnate into physical form.

That certainly is a huge part of the challenges you all face in your earthly lives.

But it need not be so. In fact, part of your mission in life is to move through and beyond all your hangups like this.

We’d like to briefly explain how we, in the world of Spirit, see you.

As we’ve said many times over the years, there is no difference between you and God—or you and the divine energy that created you. You are one. The difference, the separation you think you see, does not exist. It’s not real. Only God is real.

That means virtually every perception or image you’ve ever created and held of yourself does not exist. It’s not who you are. It’s literally a figment of your imagination.

It’s time to rid yourselves of all your illusions, of all that is unreal in your lives. The reality, as we (and God) see you is you are wise and powerful far beyond what your human minds can ever imagine.

Your only purpose in your physical lifetimes is to reclaim your wisdom and your power—to make them part of your daily lives, to be fully aware and accepting of them in every waking moment. Then you will fully realize life is only about living your dreams and being yourself.

You owe that to yourselves. You owe that to your sisters and brothers. You owe that to us. You owe that to God.

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In this video, Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives, Richard Williams, also known as Prince Ea, gives us some great incentives to—well—just be ourselves and live our dreams. I don’t agree with all he says, but he gives an inspiring talk.


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18 Responses

  1. Maria

    Dear John,
    How very kind of you to answer me so promptly!
    Thank you forsuggesting Louise Hay mirror’s exercise.
    I am familiar with this exercise, but I have been not diligent enough to do it for a longer period.
    Reading your posts gives me a warm feeling, Spirit’s messages resonates with me giving me a certain peace & balance in my life.
    Thank you again John.

    • John Cali

      You’re very welcome, Maria. I’m delighted you find good feelings in our posts. Thank you for telling me that.


  2. Maria

    Dear John,
    I loved the video which made me very emotional.Your words are always very inspiring. But I have a question. How do I love myself? I have a difficult time to be myself as I always question : am I doing the right thing?
    I was diagnosed with low grade breast cancer last year & I know the cancer was a message for me to pay more attention to myself & to love myself first. I am reading lots of materials about it, I am spending lots of time with myself, I cry because I know there is much more to this life… But how do I love myself?
    I know it takes time, & I know I am on the right path because everything happens for a reason. Thank you for your time.
    Sending love to you & to all the readers.

    • John Cali

      Hi Maria,

      Thanks so much for your kind words!

      You’ve asked a great question – “How do I love myself?”

      You are not alone, my dear. From doing this work all these years, I know many people have the same question. I certainly asked it for many years.

      I agree with you—your cancer—I should say the cancer, because it’s not yours—is a message to pay more loving attention to yourself, especially to your body.

      I don’t have a magic wand to wave away your lack of self-love. But I do have a suggestion. It’s helped many folks over the years.

      Louise Hay has an exercise she does every morning and which she suggests everyone do. Here it is:

      The first thing every morning, immediately after you get out of bed, look into a mirror, deep into your own eyes. Then say, “Maria, I love you!” Repeat it at least a few times, and as much as you’d like.

      It may seem artificial or phony to you at first. But keep doing it, every day. Eventually, you’ll discover you really do mean it.

      That little exercise takes only a minute or two, but it will transform your life.

      I know how powerful the exercise is because I started doing it many years ago. Now I no longer have an issue with self-love. But I still do the exercise every day.

      It worked beautifully for me. I know it will for you too, Maria. God bless you!


  3. Mikala

    Hello my brothers and sisters.

    I find the “living your dreams” part of this question somewhat of a difficulty at times. The new power energies that are coming from Spirit to us, and so rapidly, take a little time to become a part of us, as it should. About the time I understand it all and absorb it, I find I’ve left out some other parts that I would consider for “myself.” It is part of my dreams, but not all of it. The point to remember is that there is nothing that we are doing that is “wrong,” so enjoy each day with that in mind. Communication with our Creator and the company of Heaven is, however, essential.

    As for being myself, I think I have that one well established. I periodically review my life from childhood until now (very senior) and find that I always knew who I was, and in every part of my life, that knowledge would show. I just thought I was “different” from the large majority of “others.” Now, the opinion of others means nothing to me. I know who I am. It is an absolute joy to be free to follow your inner guidance and enjoy that freedom.

    Love to you all,

  4. Patricia

    Very beautiful message from Spirit. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. George

    John, I received this message from my angel Ariel about a dream I had in my sleep early in the morning of May 28. “You now know that what is important in the world is not accomplishing any one of the many worthwhile objectives but rather working toward unity of all peoples with all of their widely varying views, objectives, and actions.” (I don’t remember any specifics of the dream.) Love, George

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, George, for sharing that beautiful message.

      Much love to you dear brother.

  6. George

    I’m probably the only person in the world who goes to a Japanese Steak House for a salmon dinner most days of every week. Love, George

  7. Ilona

    Thank you for the reminder John and Spirit!

  8. Sandra L

    This is a very timely message for me. Thank you!

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