Many years ago Spirit gave me their definition of love, and it’s the definition I’ve stayed with ever since: “Love is a choice to see the divinity in all beings.”

So what does that really mean?

For me, it means love is not a feeling, an emotion – which is the way I used to view it. And many folks still do. Certainly we feel emotion around a person or an animal we love. But true love goes beyond the feelings, the emotions.

Here’s Spirit.

As John said, true love goes beyond the feelings and emotions.

Many of you have been taught to believe love must begin with, or be based on, your relationships with other people. But that is never where true, unconditional love begins.

True love begins with your relationship with yourself. You cannot ever truly love another unless you first love yourself. There are no exceptions to that.

To begin a relationship with another without first being grounded in your deep love for yourself is a prescription for disaster. When you go into a love relationship without self-love as your foundation, you can get yourself into various messes. For example, that which you call co-dependency.

That never works. To be truly loving with others you have to be head-over-heels in love with yourself, first and always. You have to be able to look in the mirror, deep into your own eyes and say “I love you” – “I adore you.” And mean it!

That kind of love is the only solid foundation for real loving relationships with others. Love yourself first. All the rest will follow. See the divinity in yourself and then you will see it in all others, all beings, all that is.

From that place you will be empowered to live a life filled with love, joy, peace. You will radiate that love energy out to all those around you, to the world, to the universe, to us in these realms of Spirit.

You will be a powerful force, a powerful beacon of light. You will feel it deep within your being, and others will feel it simply by being in your presence.

You are love. You are God. In your presence others will know they too are love, they are God.

Love, true love, is the most powerful force in the universe.


How do you define love? How has your definition of love affected your life, positively or negatively? Please comment below.