Miracles and Hate

Today we go beyond the grievances, to look upon the miracle instead.
A Course in Miracles

Can you think of someone you hold a grievance against, perhaps even hate? I think most of us could, at least at one time or another in our lives.

What do miracles and hate have to do with each other?


You’ve heard us talk about oneness before. A principle of oneness states what you give you receive. You cannot give to another without receiving the same for yourself.

One of your wise old souls once said feeling hatred for another is like drinking poison and expecting the person you hate to die.

What are you doing when you hold hate in your heart?

You are hiding behind your physical eyes so you cannot see with your soul’s eyes. You’re pretending you do not have spiritual vision. Yet that is the only true vision you have.

Seeing only with your physical eyes is blinding you to the beautiful reality behind all the illusions of physical life. That is exactly what your ego wants.

But it is not what the real you wants, what your soul wants.

It’s time to drop your hate, your grievances, and see the miracle of life that lies beyond the dark shadows of your world.


In this video, Dr. Kenneth Wapnick of A Course in Miracles, talks about moving from hate to love. His mention of  “Helen” and “Bill” refers to Helen Schucman and William Thetford, prominent figures in the A Course in Miracles organization.

Copyright © 2019 by John Cali

Do you have any experiences with moving from hate back into the miracle of love? How did it feel?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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14 Responses

  1. Martha

    (Part 2)

    Have I felt hatred? Certainly. Toward my mother as a teenager family when there was extreme cruelty going on. I felt rage but mostly I felt hurt.
    I especially feel it right now toward certain members of government. But I also know they are all part of the miracle that is well underway! “A Miracle is a shift in perception.” A Course in Miracles says.
    My favorite of all lines from the Course is,
    “There is no more holy place on Earth than where an ancient hatred has become a present Love..”

    This gives me hope for my most difficult relationships, my relationship with myself and the world.


    • John Cali

      Yes, indeed, a miracle is simply a shift in perception. As “A Course in Miracles” also says, “Perception is a mirror, not a fact.” If we treat perception merely as an opportunity to gain greater insight into ourselves, we can shift our perception. Then we create the miracle.

      Love, John

  2. Martha

    Hi John,
    This is resonating for me today. Thank you for bringing it up. I encounter this still with my siblings. My siblings are all ill. Two brothers, both alcoholic, one sober one not. Both very sick people – physically, emotionally, spiritually. My poor sister suffers from a pretty serious mental illness. It’s a very bad situation. Because they remain toxic, they seem to think it’s perfectly fine to project all their unowned pain onto me. Hating Martha is one of their favorite pastimes.
    In the past couple of days I’ve been bombarded with toxic texts and hate mail. It seems I can do nothing right in their eyes.

    One brother talks about how Love is the only thing that matters and yet is brutally the opposite with me.

    Throughout my life and spiritual healing journey I see that for whatever reason some people have been threatened by me.
    A few have hated me but thankfully not too many. My mother launched a lifelong vendetta against me when I rebelled against the hurtful family system and tried to break away to save myself. She labeled me the “ bad, disloyal daughter”
    What I have come to realize is that these are projections. As on a screen. Where people in pain fling unowned parts of themselves on others. They can’t see me. They only see their false perceptions of me and their own projections onto me. But I’ve accepted it now.. As for me I create family wherever I go. They are Rainbow Tribe✨

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Martha, for having the courage to share your difficult story. I’m sure you give hope, and the potential for resolution, to others going through similar challenges.

  3. Tracy

    You’re very welcome! Yes, we are back where we should be, and I love it. Moving from hated to love is pure freedom, and who wouldn’t want that?!

  4. Elaine Joe

    Dear John,

    As with all your weekly posts, this one is a powerful reminder from spirit and from our inner selves. I so much appreciate your sharing the wisdom from A Course in Miracles. As always, thank you.

    With blessings and love,

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Elaine! And thank you for your comments and for being a part of this community.


  5. Tracy

    I felt hate towards my own mother for a very long time. Mostly while taking care of her for 11 years. I’d think, she never took care of me, so why am I taking care of her? I actually hated feeling that way, it was horrible.
    It took my mom’s passing, for me to move fully from hated to love. It was like I went through her life review with her, and I suddenly understood, and felt total love and compassion. I hope I will never allow myself to ever feel hated again. I truly want to see only through my soul’s eyes, because life would be so much more beautiful! Thank you, John and Spirit, for this reminder today. Love and Light to you!

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Tracy, for your sharing.

      It sounds like your experiences, as awful as I’m sure they felt at the time, have ultimately brought you (and your mother) back to where we all started — to love. I’m sure you will see through your soul’s eyes now. And when you get “off track,” as we all do at times, you will quickly return to love.

      Thank you again for sharing your deeply touching story.


  6. Janine Taylor

    Thanks for all the uplifting and inspirational work you teach and remind us to keep believing and stay faithful and mindful.Love Live blessings

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