The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still. ~ A Course in Miracles

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One night about 35 years ago I was leaving my office in Arlington, Virginia. As I approached my car in the parking lot it was getting dark and no one else was around. Then I realized I’d locked my keys in the car that morning.

I searched the entire parking lot, hoping to find something I could use to pry open the car door lock. After much searching I came up with nothing.

I was standing there quietly at my car, wondering what to do. I looked down and saw a coat hanger—I was standing on it! It definitely had not been there a few minutes earlier.

I picked it up, formed a hook with it, and used it to pry open the car door lock—it took about 2 minutes.

I called it the miracle coat hanger. I’ve kept it all these years—you see it in that image above.

So what happened that night long ago?


When something wonderful and wanted unexpectedly happens, as with John in his story, you often call it a miracle.

Yet miracles are the most ordinary and natural of events. You do not usually see them as ordinary or natural because you do not know who you really are.

You are physical extensions of that universal, or divine, energy you call by many names—God, Goddess, the universe, all that is, and so on.

Yet you generally see yourselves as separate from, and often unworthy of, that energy—by whatever name you call it.

Yet you are powerful beyond your wildest imaginings. If there is one thing we’d love to see you practice more, it’s remembering you are divine energy. Period. It’s that simple.

We’d recommend an easy daily exercise we’ve mentioned in other contexts. Each day spend a minute or two looking into your own eyes in a mirror. Say aloud “(Your name), you are God.” Or use whatever term you want instead of “God.”

As you gaze into your own eyes feel the energy flowing through your body and your entire being. Know you have all the ability and power to manifest, to create, whatever you want.

The more intense your wanting, the closer your manifestation is to your physical reality.

Manifesting is really that simple, no matter what you want to manifest—relationships, health, money, peace, love—or a coat hanger.


Here are Esther Hicks and Abraham giving a very short definition of miracles.

And here they are with a longer definition. Only the first 5 minutes of this video is on miracles.

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