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If you take in prana (God energy) the right way, do you need food any longer?


When you bring prana, or God energy, into any substance you put into your physical bodies, the substance cannot harm you.

We don’t advise you to go without food, but you can reduce the amount you take in. It has to be a conscious activity. If you believe you must have a big breakfast. or eat three meals a day (a common mis-belief), then you do that. But you can really do without food, and live on prana.

Let’s look at food and drink from a different perspective—from the perspective of prana, God energy.

Organic vegetables are of a high vibration. Animal products are generally at a lower vibration, with dairy products slightly higher. Animal products have a dense negative energy.

In most cases, they have little or no benefit and can actually harm  your bodies. However, if your mind is aware of this, you can override the harmful effects.

For example, Edgar Cayce’s guidance advised against eating pork. Yet he ate it occasionally. When asked about it, he said he would not be much of a psychic if he could not raise his vibrations above that of a pork chop. So his body actually benefited from eating pork.

While cooking a meal in water you can, by your intention, bring prana, high vibrations into the water (and the food). This will benefit your body. You can do this with any substance. But it is easier with water because it’s fluid, and not dense like meat. You do this simply with your intention.

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This video provides some excellent advice about food.

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  1. Chris Brook

    I enjoyed this post very much John. Its an important reminder for me to bless my food, and to prepare it with an attitude of love and care. Thank you.

    • Berna Copray

      That’s great Chris! We all need reminders in many aspects of our lives.
      Each reminder brings us closer to home.
      (John is very busy with his move)

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