I was born and raised in the Roman Catholic Church. I practiced my religion faithfully for many years. Then I began to “lose the faith” — literally. I became disillusioned with what I perceived to be a judgemental, controlling, closed society, almost a cult. So I left.

I realize that’s not everyone’s experience with Catholicism, or any other religion. Many of my family remain faithful Catholics, and their religion brings them a peace and sense of community they would not otherwise have.

In a recent article Deepak Chopra said this about religion:

“If any religion would make the same choice to join the way of peace that individuals are making every day, faith would be a living force once again….It must stop claiming to be the one and only path to God. It must give up its arrogance and claim to authority. It must renounce its covert greed and desire for power. It must discover how to return love to its true place of primacy.”

He was speaking not only of the Roman Church, but of religion in general.

Spirit has talked many times about religion over the years. Here’s something they said about my former Catholic faith:

“John grew up in a religion that taught all other religions were wrong, and people could be ‘saved’ only if they belonged to the ‘right’ one….Today you’re seeing that same superior attitude even outside religion. Some spiritual teachers in your world today are saying they have to the key to living the life of your dreams — the key to wealth, health, and romance. They know how to ‘save’ you. Or so they say.”

And another time Spirit said this:

“You don’t need us to remind you of all the havoc and horror humans have wrought upon their sisters and brothers in the name of religion or God. Most of your wars throughout human history would not have been possible if you were being truly faithful to ‘the word of God,’ or to the real spiritof religion.”

What has been your experience, if any, with religion? Please give us your thoughts below.

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