Remember, Reclaim, Reconnect

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Treasure your relationships, not your possessions. ~ Anthony J. DiAngelo, The College Blue Book



Is there someone in your life you have, perhaps, forgotten? Is there some precious memory you have released and want to reclaim? Maybe now’s the time to remember, reclaim and reconnect.

Spirit gave me this message early one dark and cold, snowy morning earlier this week. It’s one of their shortest ever.


This moment on your planet may seem the worst of all times. But, actually, it’s the best of all times.

All the seeming chaos and turmoil is but the prelude to a more open and honest planet. This is a time to rejoice, to see past the chaos and turmoil to what lies beyond.

One of the best ways for each of you to prepare for this new world is to spend a bit of time reflecting on your relationships.

Is there someone in your past you feel a need to reconnect with? Or perhaps someone you feel you “should” reconnect with? Perhaps some forgiveness is long past due, on either or both sides?

For most of you the answer is “Yes!”

Then just do it!

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In this award-winning short film by filmmaker Nuno Rocha, not one word is spoken by the actors. But their actions carry a powerful message, one fitting perfectly with our message today.


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