Right and Wrong by John Cali

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I recently heard a wonderfully wise and witty speech by Brene Brown. She talked briefly about religion:

“Religion has gone from a belief in faith and mystery to certainty. I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up.”

That superior condescending attitude applies not only to religion, but also to other areas of our modern society. Politics, for example. And even personal relationships.

I grew up in a large Roman Catholic Italian family. Many of them are still Catholic today, or at least Christian. I am neither.

Although I’m close to most of my family, some of them cannot understand or accept my “heathen” ways. As one relative once remarked to another, “What Johnny (the name they call me) is doing goes against the Catholic Church.” She was referring to my work with Spirit.

That black-white, right-wrong attitude is contagious, infecting nearly every part of our modern world. Even some so-called “new age” spiritual circles.

My spirit guides talked about this a while back. Upon rereading their words, they struck me as rather harsh. That certainly is not typical of them. Nonetheless I’ll give you what they said.


“There have been more deaths, more wars, more of all you would consider human tragedy, created by the ‘us versus them’ mentality. You know–‘Our way cannot possibly be wrong because, after all, it is our way! Therefore, their way must be wrong.’

“Look back at your history books. They chronicle accurately the devastating human consequences of such an unenlightened approach to life on your Mother Earth–an approach many individuals, groups, and institutions still buy into unhesitatingly and eagerly.

“And where has it gotten you, individually and as a race? Well, if you look at it from a physical, human perspective, not very far. Are your technological weapons of mass destruction an improvement over Caesar’s horse-driven armies as they invaded ancient Gaul?

“Well, in one way, yes. You can kill a lot more people a lot more quickly than he could. It took him 8 years to defeat the Gauls. It takes you 8 days or 8 hours or 8 minutes to vanquish your enemies.

“Life was not meant to be a struggle. Life was not meant to be a war of ‘right’ versus ‘wrong.’ Life was meant to be an absolute joy–a joy! A joy in the remembering of the reason you came to this life to begin with.

“You have somehow been convinced, somewhere along your physical path, there is not room for all of you on your Mother Earth. And therefore, those who are ‘different’ from you must be obliterated.

“For, after all, ‘We are right and they are wrong.’

“If you stay on that path there will soon be none of you left to argue, fight, and kill over who’s right and who’s wrong.”


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  1. anny

    Dear John, I am very grateful to you for posing all the questions you do in your articles and your blogs. It gives me a lot of food for thought which I chew over for some time before reacting, if at all. It helps me putting loose ends together and get a more complete picture.
    As far as the subject of right and wrong is concerned, they belong to a world of duality and as the end of this world (of duality) is nearing it is spinning out of control. Everybody seems to withdraw to the farthest limits of his or her opinions and to be growing more and more apart from people who think differently. I guess it is part of the labour pains of birthing a new world of unity and oneness.
    Originally duality was created in order to enable us to experience things, to become aware of things. Take light for instance. If you have always lived in the light and never seen darkness, how can you possibly know what light is? What is large if nothing is small? We have been given this beautiful world of duality in order to be able to experience everything we could possibly want to experience and to find out that not everything is nice to experience. Doing this we became gradually aware of everything and got to know ourselves. In these last days of this old world everything that has been suppressed during the ages has now come up to be processed, and this process is rather intense, as birthing pains usually are. But I strongly believe that it is like winter before spring, everything seems to be dead and all plant life seems to be gone but then suddenly it becomes spring and everything springs into flower. I think the seasons of nature have been given us to remind us never to give up hope because all will be well. And we should also not forget that through the media only bad news becomes known but there is so much more good news already that does not get published by the press. I am convinced that soon duality will be played out and everything will get into balance again.


    • John Cali

      Thank you, Anny, for your most thoughtful comments. We appreciate them — and we appreciate you.

      • John Cali

        Hi Laura Lea,

        Great to hear from you! Happy New Year to you too!

        That movie is, as you said, powerful and touching. It makes thankful for all those “unknown angels” in our lives.


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