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Roman Catholic Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan recently said “…there is only one true religion, which is the Catholic Church founded by God himself.”

Berna and I grew up in Roman Catholic families, although we are no longer Catholic. So we’re keenly aware of the Roman church’s sometimes–controversial opinions.

Did God really start Catholicism, as Bishop Schneider says? Did God prohibit folks going to heaven if they were not Catholic? Would you go to hell if you even walked into a Protestant church? That, and more, is what we were taught as young children.

Of course, we know now all that’s nonsense. Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with over 2 billion followers. Of that number, over 50% are Catholics. But, of the world’s entire population, only 16% to 17% are Catholic.

Logically, then, Bishop Schneider is implicitly condemning over 80% of the world’s people to hell for all eternity.


We don’t need to remind you more atrocities have been committed over the centuries in God’s name.

Anyone who believes a just and loving God would ever approve of those atrocities is as deluded as the ones committing those crimes.

One of the ironies, as we see it, of all the religious controversies down through the centuries, is the delusion God would approve of the crimes committed in his name.

To believe such a god exists is to believe in fantasy.

The real God would never approve of the false god created by humans.

As someone once said, God created humans in his image and likeness, and humans returned the favor. 1/

We’re going to make a radical statement here: Your world would have been a far better place without religion. So much hate and horror have been generated in the name of religion.

No wise and loving divine father would ever approve of the religious horrors committed in his name.

A good world would be one devoid of religion and filled with love. Love and oneness are the key to peace on earth. Religion is not.

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Edited by Berna Copray

1/ Spirit is referring to a quotation from Voltaire: “In the beginning God created man in His own image, and man has been trying to repay the favor ever since.”


In this short video, Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Barron, gives a more enlightened view of non-Catholic religions than you could find in earlier times. Depending on whether you’re Catholic or not, you may find the bishop’s views controversial.

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  1. Jean

    Spirit is positively right! I was married to a catholic and I am Anglican (was). Neither of us are part of any religion. When my son was born I never christened him which my mom was worried about it. She said I would go to hell for not doing so. My ex and I decided that if the time came that our son wants a religion he can choose what he wanted or choose none. My son and I have had many conversations about religion. I told him God is not a religion It is everything and everyone. So if you want to feel the connection to God go inside your mind and heart. He too as do I think the world would be better without religion.
    By the way, God did not start the church, Paul did. Even Jesus didn’t.

    I am a spiritual person not a religious one. I am also a Rosicrucian and a member of BOTA. I turned to the mystic rather than religion. I have found more truth there than in a church who condemns rather than love.

    Great piece John , loved it, hugs to you and Spirit

    love and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jeannie, for sharing your experiences with religion and churches. I know many have had similar experiences. Love, John

  2. Stephanie

    NATURE is my church … and LOVE is my religion …

  3. Barbara Patton

    My comment is a poem I wrote:

    September 20, 2022
    Centering Prayer Discussion
    “A Nursery Rhyme” by St. John of the Cross
    Love Poems from God
    Daniel Ladinsky

    “Would not the sun have lost its mind if it said to the moon.
    ‘Dear, give me more light.’”
    St. John of the Cross

    I have searched and searched for wisdom and well-being
    When deep inside me is a wellspring, a new way of seeing
    So many rules have been made for me to be loved and accepted
    But God or Love says: “Come as you are!”–that’s not what I expected
    So I take a look at my past with its accomplishments and mistakes
    A few years ago I couldn’t do that; I didn’t know what was at stake
    To surrender, I am told is a step in the right direction
    What is that? I couldn’t imagine giving up myself with no protection?
    “Open up and allow” that is wisdom given from those who know
    There is so much going on in my head, how do I open up and let go?
    What if some time I just stop what I am doing and sit still to see what occurs
    Do I feel something like love, like a Presence which is what I prefer!
    That love is a feeling that is really there; I just never had time before
    Love is like the Light that surrounds me and from within opens a door
    I feel like knowing this Love is a new dimension, an awakening in my mind!
    And to think with all the questions and searching, I had the Light all the time!

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