Illusions mistaken for truth are the pavement under our feet. They are what we call civilization. ~ Barbara Kingsolver, American writer


In his book, The Master Speaks, Joel Goldsmith, a leading 20th-century spiritual teacher, tells an interesting story from Hindu scripture.

A man walks into his bathroom and is horrified when he sees a snake. When his eyes had accustomed to the near-darkness, he takes a closer look and sees the “snake” is simply a coiled rope.

Joel then goes on to say:
“Loose anything, loose any condition, and let it go….And it will disappear…the snake that you are looking at is a rope. That evil condition which you are looking at, is not an evil condition at all, and your attempt to get rid of it is what is perpetuating it.”


Humans often cling to their “old” ways simply because they’ve become oblivious to the pain old ways of doing things  brings into their lives. They’ve numbed their feelings. So even pain can become familiar and comfortable—because that’s always been what they’re used to.

But is that any way to live your lives? There is a better way.

Just as our friend Joel Goldsmith says, there are no snakes out there. The snakes you see are simply illusions you’ve created. But when you take a closer look, you see the snake for what it is. It’s simply a harmless piece of rope.

How often do you you mistake other harmless pieces of rope for a snake?

Think about a person you dislike, or who you believe dislikes you. In your dislike, or perhaps something even stronger, are you really seeing them as they are? Most likely not.

You are children of your Creator—all equally loved and cherished by that divine entity who gave you life. He/She sees all of you only through the eyes of love. Evil is a fiction, a myth, an illusion in the eyes of your Creator.

The Creator sees you, the real you, for what you truly are—powerful beings of light and love who have chosen to come to this lifetime to realize nothing in all of creation is evil. You see it as evil only when you do not see it truly. You see snakes where there are only benign bits of rope.

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Here’s Alan Watts talking about how gorgeous reality is. The rope we see is not a snake. It’s not real. Why do we choose to see illusions when the real world is right there in front of us? All we need to do is open our eyes.


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