Silence is an empty space. Space is the home of the awakened mind. ~ Buddha


Many years ago, when I was a new commercial pilot, part of our flight training had been, odd as it sounds, practicing silence. Well, silence was not the purpose of the practice, just a side benefit.

My flight school was in the Rocky Mountains northwest of Denver, Colorado. Our training included, as you’d expect, learning to handle emergencies, one of which was losing engine power. In which case, your plane turned into a glider. To practice this, we deliberately shut off the engines.

The first thing that struck me was the complete silence. It was mesmerizing, and hauntingly beautiful. I felt a deep peace and wonder as I gazed at the majestic scene—soaring, snow-capped mountains and bright blue skies.

Although the entire experience fascinated me, the most striking part was the complete and utter silence.


Silence is one of the most powerful tools you have. Although it is certainly underestimated by your modern world, filled as it is with all its noise and craziness.

Silence is one reason we often suggest everyone practice meditation, daily if possible. It does not matter what type of meditation—whatever feels right for you.

One of the greatest benefits of meditation is it quiets your busy mind and creates that stillness and silence you all could use much more of.

What are the benefits of practicing silence (whether through meditation or other means)? There are many. Here are a few of the most important:

  • Silence is healing on every level—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.


  • Silence connects or aligns you powerfully with your spirit self, enabling a much deeper level of communication.


  • Your intuition is deeper and more powerful.


  • Your relationships are enriched when you practice silence with another human. Despite the fact your modern world is uncomfortable with just be-ing with another in total quiet.


  • If you have domestic pets, particularly dogs and cats, you will find yourselves connecting with them at a deeper level. Animals appreciate silence because it clears out your mind clutter, which often confuses them. (They are very capable of reading your minds.)


  • Being quiet every day, or at least regularly, with meditation or another practice, will increase and deepen your sense of self-love. Lack of self-love is perhaps one of the greatest ways you do massive damage to yourselves and others.

These are but a few of the many benefits you get from exercising the power of silence.

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In this short video, that wonderful spiritual teacher, Mooji, explains the difference between our human egos and who we truly are, which is consciousness, presence. Our true selves dwell eternally in silence.


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