Soul Contracts

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If you’ve been on the spiritual path very long, you’ve probably heard of “soul contracts.” But what are they?


There is no being in your life by accident—whether it be a human, animal, plant, other sentient being. There are no accidents, only soul contracts.

We realize this may be, as you say, a “hard pill to swallow.” But literally every aspect of your lives, from the most minute to the most monumental, is there because you have put it there.

“But how could that be?” you might ask.

We’ve said many times you are all powerful creators—because you are God. So every thought you think, either deliberately or “accidentally,” literally creates the life you are living.

There are no accidents, no mistakes. There is only deliberate creation. So-called synchronicities are only your own creations or co-creations you do not recognize. It’s all due to the soul contracts you have made with every being, every thing, in your life.

If you are living a joyful, peaceful life, you created it. If you are living a sad, hard life, you created it.

We do not remind you of this to make your life more difficult. We tell you this to make your life easier.

And your life does become easier once you remember you are in control. You created every moment of your life. Make only those soul contracts that serve you, and all beings in your life.

Reclaim your divine power and know you are God.

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In this video, Esther Hicks and Abraham discuss soul contracts.

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  1. Pat Ruppel

    Really good, Johnny. Thank you for the clarification of what we’ve heard on contracts.

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