Strange title for a spiritual newsletter article, isn’t it?

My spirit guides often say animals can be our best teachers. Even most of those creatures who’ve been horribly abused by humans rarely seem to lose their capacity for joy, love, and simply being fully present in the moment.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates in California took a raccoon under her wing after authorities found the poor creature in a two-by-two-foot cage. He’d been imprisoned there four years, without adequate food or water. It’s a miracle he survived.

Mary turned the raccoon to another animal rehabilitator, MaryEllen Schoeman. MaryEllen took him home, named him “Harbor,” and became his permanent guardian.

Despite enduring four years of unimaginable cruelty, Harbor is now a happy, joyful little guy, as you’ll see in the following two short videos created by MaryEllen.

Here’s Spirit.

Animals and humans, at birth, are naturally joyful creatures eager to explore their new surroundings. Most animals retain that joyful nature. Most humans lose it.

That is one reason so many of you are drawn to animals and their uninhibited, joyous approach to life. Most of them remain that way from birth to death, no matter what their circumstances. They remind you of what you once had, of what you once were. That is, until the world brainwashed you out of it all.

Your world, your lives would be much poorer without the animals, particularly your domestic pets. They bring their joyous energy and their zest for life to you, to your homes. They know how to live fully in the moment with joy.

That is the reason many humans with pets live happier, healthier, longer lives.

You would be wise to take some time each day, just a few minutes, to observe an animal — your own pet if you have one, or a wild animal, even a bird or a bunny.

Watch them closely. You have much to learn and to remember by simply observing them. Your life will become more joyful, more fulfilled.

It’s so simple. Just do it. You’ll be glad you did.


Dr. Albert Schweitzer often urged reverence for all life. As he put it, “We reject the idea that man is ‘master of other creatures,’ ‘lord’ above all others.”

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