Joy Is What Life Is All About by John Cali

This is probably the shortest blog post we’ve ever published.

My spirit guides have said our only real measure of success is the amount of joy we feel as we travel life’s road.

Music has the power to bring so much joy into our lives, and to unite us with one another — to help us remember we are all one. En-JOY this video.


What brings joy into your life? Please share with us below.

We welcome your comments and thoughtful opinions, whether you agree or disagree with us.… Read more

Farewell to Rosie by John Cali

Yesterday my dear friend, Barbara Clark, bid farewell to her beloved Rosie. Rosie, a rough collie, had been with Barbara over 14 years, almost since she was a newborn puppy.

I know many of you reading this care deeply for your own dogs, and for all animals. My spirit guides say we never lose those we love, human or animal. But still, we’re sad because we miss the warmth of their physical presence and the unconditional love shining brightly in their eyes.… Read more

Are You Poisoning Yourself? by John Cali

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My spirit guides, or “Spirit” as I call them, have often counseled against immersing ourselves in the mainstream news media every day.

In this very short video, Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh talks about “mindful consumption.”


(Note from John: This message from Spirit is a bit sterner than they usually give us. But I think it’s a good message, and timely for our world today.)


As John said, we have often advised people to not “consume” a steady diet of mainstream news.… Read more

The Raccoon by John Cali

Strange title for a spiritual newsletter article, isn’t it?

My spirit guides often say animals can be our best teachers. Even most of those creatures who’ve been horribly abused by humans rarely seem to lose their capacity for joy, love, and simply being fully present in the moment.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates in California took a raccoon under her wing after authorities found the poor creature in a two-by-two-foot cage. He’d been imprisoned there four years, without adequate food or water.… Read more

Talking To God by John Cali

One of the most common questions folks ask us is “How can I communicate with my higher self?” Or “How can I talk to God?” Both are essentially the same question.

Another question we’re asked is “How can I begin to channel?” But, again, it’s the same question.

My spirit guides have always said we cannot not talk to God, because God is always talking to us — and in many ways. It’s just that we’re not always listening.

Here is a great short video from Neale Donald Walsch about not only how to talk to God, but also how to get answers.… Read more