We never know how even a single small act of kindness will affect others. And possibly transform their lives.

Here’s a great video about how powerfully our thoughts and actions can touch the lives of others.

Here’s Spirit.

We often hear humans bemoaning their lack of power. Most of you feel powerful only when you group together. It doesn’t matter how small or large the group. Simply being part of a group gives you a sense of power.

Yet that power you feel as part of a group is in some ways an illusion. Why?

Because each of you, standing alone, is as powerful as any group. The video John showed you demonstrates this personal power you all have. You may never even know how your thoughts or actions affect another. But your every thought and action creates a force field, if you will – an energy that ripples out to the world around you, and out to the farthest reaches of the universe.

What you give out always comes back to you, one way or another. So take care that your thoughts and actions are loving and kind.

And always remember this: One person, standing alone, aligned with love and Spirit, is far more powerful than millions wallowing in their anger and pain.

You have that much power. Use it wisely.


P.S. Here’s an inspiring, nearly incredible, story of the power of one person.


Do you see yourself as powerful or powerless, or somewhere in-between? What can you do to increase your sense of power, and become a more positive force in our world? Please comment below.