The Ripple Effect by John Cali

We never know how even a single small act of kindness will affect others. And possibly transform their lives.

Here’s a great video about how powerfully our thoughts and actions can touch the lives of others.

Here’s Spirit.

We often hear humans bemoaning their lack of power. Most of you feel powerful only when you group together. It doesn’t matter how small or large the group. Simply being part of a group gives you a sense of power.

Yet that power you feel as part of a group is in some ways an illusion. Why?

Because each of you, standing alone, is as powerful as any group. The video John showed you demonstrates this personal power you all have. You may never even know how your thoughts or actions affect another. But your every thought and action creates a force field, if you will – an energy that ripples out to the world around you, and out to the farthest reaches of the universe.

What you give out always comes back to you, one way or another. So take care that your thoughts and actions are loving and kind.

And always remember this: One person, standing alone, aligned with love and Spirit, is far more powerful than millions wallowing in their anger and pain.

You have that much power. Use it wisely.


P.S. Here’s an inspiring, nearly incredible, story of the power of one person.


Do you see yourself as powerful or powerless, or somewhere in-between? What can you do to increase your sense of power, and become a more positive force in our world? Please comment below.

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  1. Lisa

    Hi John and Spirit

    What an Amazing video!! But also real life! As I watched this video,it gave me cold chills as this man gave away his coffee,planted the penny in front of the store that was hiring,and giving to the others and the girl enough change to call home!!

    I have always felt better,smiling,and with great pleasure to give when I can,I have helped mostly Family all my life,but have also given to Charities,etc…More than giving to Charities…I found myself giving directly to whom I saw needed it most,since you never know exactly where the money is going to on so many charities and foundations??

    I recieved greater pleasure in giving directly to families in need of food,I tried giving money many times,only to see the families go out to eat with it?? So now instead,if I know a family that needs food,I will go and buy them food that could last several weeks (if fixed right) This way has helped families directly in need,and can’t stand to see anyone starve,especially if they have children!! I am catching up on some articles I missed,and this was 1 of them.

    This video just goes to show,that the least little bit can help so many people!! If only you have the Love,Spirit,compassion to do so!!

    Big Hugs to you and Spirit xoxo

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Lisa. As the old saying puts it, what goes around comes around.


  2. Micki

    A smile, a word of encourange and a show of compassion goes a long way. I know for myself that if I walk past some one in the street and they smile, it just brightens up my day and I pass it on to the next person and so it goes on….. huge hugs for 2012 John 🙂

  3. Roy

    Thanks John.

    Powerful video,so true, and usually we don’t have a clue as to how we touched someone’s life.

    Not in the way we think we did anyway. 🙂


  4. Tom

    Incredible video, thanks so much for sharing!

    Wishing you a great 2012 🙂


  5. Shirl

    Great questions about how powerful our actions are and can be.

    My first HUGE proof to myself of this was while I was still working at a regular job. My new supervisor/manager was making my work life unbearable (or so I thought) and 11 years into my position and half way to retirement I was ready to quit. She was metaphorically “walking on the backs of my shoes” everywhere I went. My personality was always: give me an assignment, then leave me alone and let me do my work. If I needed help or more information I would ask for it. This new manager was smothering me and I felt she questioned every move I made.

    Fortunately I consulted my guides for some suggestions as to how I could handle this difficult for me situation. The solution was amazingly simple and the outcome astonishing.

    With deep heart-felt intent I asked that this manager be open and allowing to all the love that surrounded her. I asked that I be assisted to change my feelings from resentment to love and appreciation towards her and all those I came in contact with each day. I held a deep and true intention of focusing on the love that I could give and share with all the others I had contact with. Change me. Change my heart. Change my focus. That was my only intent.

    Who was totally amazed and overwhelmed when the very next day EVERYTHING changed? Me of course. I mean everything changed not only with this manager but with all my fellow workers and all my customer contacts. When I changed MY focus, everything and everyone around me seemingly changed! WOW! What an amazing lesson for me and what a powerful proof of how important MY individual focus and intent was and is.

    Truly my whole life took a marvelous and wonderful change far beyond my hoped for better relationship with just this person. It was then that I truly knew how powerful and important my focus is and that probably I would never know specifically what effect that may have on others no mater how casually we might interact. I don’t need to know who, what, when or where I may affect others. I KNOW without a doubt that how I interact with others whether a smile, a nod, a word or a much more detailed interaction matters greatly and may have a powerful effect on them. It always has a powerful effect on me.

    Love is the answer and Love is All There IS!

    Many blessings and hugs,


    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Shirl! Love really is all there is, and the answer to everything.


  6. Chris

    Please indulge a sentence of background for a tiny story.
    My family was Catholic to the bone and I attended a Catholic High School. The “Good Sisters” were scary beings that haunted my days ever since grade school. The idea of meeting their gaze never mind speaking to them, other than to answer a question in class, terrified me.
    Along about my second semester Freshman year, i realized that I needed to do something to get over the shyness that had plagued me as far back as I could remember. One night I decided that rather than look at the floor when one of the nuns walked by me in the hall, that I would raise my head and at least smile and maybe even get my throat to open with a “Good Morning, Sister.”
    Next day… I did it! I said, “Good Morning, Sister.” To my great surprise, this nun picked up *her* head and with an uncharacteristically bright smile, said “Good Morning, Chrisitne.” Wow! It was obvious that what I thought I was doing something for myself, had actually done something good for her! Me .. the lowly, be-spectacled student with the droopy, faded knee socks, crooked teeth and hopeless hair elicited a smile, and a big one at that, from a NUN.
    How grateful I am for that early lesson. No matter your “station,” you can have positive effect on someone’s life.

  7. George

    Yes, I make it a habit to find situations in which I can introduce a bit of warmth, the hope of good luck, or at least a little bit of joy.

    Thank you, John and Spirit, for the big contribution you make!

    Love, George

  8. Laura Lea Evans

    Hi John:

    Happy New Year! What a wonderful movie you included in this week’s Spirit email. Powerful and touching. Considering how many people have helped me through the years, it often shames me to think I’ve not done as much as I could to help others. A good lesson in the movie and worth passing along as well.



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