The Man In Black by John Cali

This is a ghost story — a true ghost story.

I grew up on the southern shore of the USA’s Lake Erie, one of the country’s five Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes are famous (or infamous) for their fierce storms. In fact, Lake Erie has seen more shipwrecks than the Bermuda Triangle. A while back I wrote a blog post, The Power of One, about one of Lake Erie’s more notorious and destructive storms.

Today’s story is about another wild Lake Erie night.… Read more

The Ripple Effect by John Cali

We never know how even a single small act of kindness will affect others. And possibly transform their lives.

Here’s a great video about how powerfully our thoughts and actions can touch the lives of others.

Here’s Spirit.

We often hear humans bemoaning their lack of power. Most of you feel powerful only when you group together. It doesn’t matter how small or large the group. Simply being part of a group gives you a sense of power.

Yet that power you feel as part of a group is in some ways an illusion.… Read more