The Spirit of Christmas by John Cali

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I don’t pay much attention to the mainstream news, though I do browse through it quickly now and then, just so I have some idea of what’s going on in the world. Though there’s a lot more going on in the world than what the news media publish, which is mostly “bad” news. There’s more good news than bad. But we rarely see it in the headlines.

I’m fascinated by the so-called “War on Christmas.” It seems to me our world is obsessed with war. We have the usual wars going on, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, etc. etc. Then we also have the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, and so on. There are wars all over the place. And now we have a war on Christmas.

I’m no longer Christian, but I love the Christmas season. When I was growing up, Christmas was a time of year when we were a little kinder, a little more understanding, a little more thoughtful and compassionate with our human brothers and sisters. But today even Christmas has become a battleground of “us versus them.”

You don’t have to be a Christian, or even believe Christ was real, to participate in the warmth and joy of the season. Anything that brings us closer to one another, even if it’s only once a year, is good for all of us, for the whole world.

For me Christmas is not about Christ. It’s about love. As Christ said, “Love one another.” The answer to the world’s woes is not waging another war, it’s living the spirit of Christmas, which is love.

Here are a few words my spirit guides gave me some years back. The words are a bit more harsh than what we normally hear from Spirit.

“There has been more human tragedy created by the ‘us-versus-them’ mentality. You know – ‘Our way cannot possibly be wrong because, after all, it is our way! Therefore, their way must be wrong.’

“Look back at your history books. They chronicle the devastating consequences of this mentality. It’s a mentality many individuals, groups, and institutions still eagerly embrace.

“Life was not meant to be a struggle. Life was not meant to be a war of ‘right’ versus ‘wrong,’ of ‘us’ versus ‘them.’ Life was meant to be an absolute joy. A joy in the remembering of why you came to this life to begin with.

“You have somehow been convinced there is not room for all of you on your planet. And therefore, you must wage war against those who are ‘different’ from you.”


What about you? Can you allow others to live in peace, even if they have beliefs you do not agree with? Can you love them anyway? Please comment below.

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  1. anny

    First of all, what is this so called War on Christmas? I do not think we have anything like that yet in Holland and I hope we never will. Every war is one too many.

    I do not understand this us versus them mentality at all. I used to be a christian, lived for a year with a Jewish family in Northern Ireland (where Roman Catholics and Protestants were at each other’s throats at that time which I, as a Protestant, could not understand even then), and then I lived for 11 years in Israel in a christian village between Jewish and Arab villages, celebrating Jewish festivals with the Jews, and our own, like Christmas, with both Jews and Muslims. Our christian kids went to a Jewish school and our muslim friend offered to help them with their Jewish studies. How ecumenical can you get. All this was over a quarter of a century ago. Right now we have two Buddhist daughters in law and we might very well get a Muslim son in law yet. Our eldest son married a christian girl and their family is the only one still christian. But even though we are no longer members of a christian church we will be joining the Christmas celebration for the children in church tonight. Without any presents because in Holland we originally separated the festival of Santa Clause, or St. Nicolas (which we celebrate early in December), from Christmas as indeed it had originally nothing to do with Christmas. Of course commerce is trying to convince us now to celebrate the same festival twice in one month!


    • John Cali

      Thank you, Anny, for your comments. Several other of our readers in Europe have asked the same question you did, about the War on Christmas. As far as I can tell, it’s mostly an American thing. Which doesn’t surprise me.

      Merry Christmas!


  2. Shirl

    I love all the potential of the season. . .I am not so fond of what it has seemingly been turned into for the most part.

    In my spiritual evolution I have long since come to know that I am Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and every other iteration of identity. I personally don’t have many fond memories of the holiday we call Christmas and as a very young person could not recognize how the Santa Clause focus related in any way to the supposed purpose of the birth of Christ.

    However, if it is truly a joyful time for others and if it brings them in any way a feeling of closeness to their version of source and urges them to more generosity of heart and focus on peace and goodwill, then I am all for it! Let each celebrate and enjoy in their own way and may they find a reason for the season that fulfills their hearts.

    Hugs, with blessings of peace, love and joy for all of your days

    • John Cali

      Thanks again, Shirl, for your wise comments. If everyone did what you’re suggesting, this would indeed be a much happier world.


      • Shirl

        Let it be so! And so it is!

        many hugs

  3. rosa

    You can still love them I say very simply awareness!

    Love to you all .. Rosa

  4. Shawn

    John, I agree. I’m not a Christian either but I’ve always liked Christmas because of the cheerful energy it brings. People seem to be nicer, happier, and kinder to each other. I wish people could be like that all year long.

    And, speaking of bad news..there is an abundance of it out there, which is why I’ve created a website for positive news– Check it you if you want. I’m trying to spread the word.

    Peace & Love,

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Shawn. Yes, it would be great if people had that “Christmas spirit” all year long.

      I love your website — thanks so much for the link. I’m sure our readers will love it.

      Have a Merry Christmas!

      With love,

  5. Ted Meske

    A Christian is one who sees the Christ, the divinity, in everyone, and will therefore “love one another”. You, John, are a Christian. Most who call themselves Christians are not.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Ted. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I was thinking of the time when I left the Catholic Church, and never returned. But you’re right.


  6. Stephanie

    I am not a religious person … but a spiritual being …
    I feel that the planet is heading toward a more positive state of ‘Christ consciousness’ which includes … LOVE … and acceptance of diversity … on our way to perhaps one day an appreciation of diversity.

    Christ consciousness could also be called Buddha consciousness … or Alla consciousness, or Mohammad consciousness, etc.

    Christmas time seems to be a delicious REMINDER of the inspired JOY that is available to us all … when living in ‘Christ consciousness’ …

  7. Joseph

    The world appears to have gone mad. There seems to be no heart left in the celebration of Christ’s birth except for maybe the children who still have anticipation. Unfortunately that anticipation over the years since I was a child in the 1950’s has become expectation with its’ counterpart disappointment. Parents, then, go out of their way to fulfill the never ending demands to please, which creates in them a negativity or fear totally unrelated to the true meaning of what is being celebrated. Hopefully this cycle from a spiritual based celebration to a commercial necessity [black friday, et al] will soon end, and we will all get back to the simpler, reflective celebration once the norm rather than exception. The lights inside us will be once again more important than the lights outside us.

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