Those Who Serve In Silence

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Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose. ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Buddhist monk in silent prayer

A close friend came to us a while back, wondering why he was on earth, and what difference he was making, if any.

I certainly have often pondered those questions. We all know the difference the great spiritual leaders of our time are making. And we compare ourselves to them. Of course, we come up lacking when we do that. Are our lives worth anything at all?

Here are some thoughts Spirit offered my friend:

Many of you wonder why you are here and who you truly are. Yet you feel a strong tie to Spirit. You know you are loved, and you give your love freely to others.

Yet you still wonder … Am I making and difference on this planet of seeming chaos and trauma? What’s it all about?

You may think you’re not making any difference to all the many troubled souls the world over.

Yet you are making a difference simply because you want to be a powerful, positive force to be reckoned with.

There are so many souls in human bodies today who are beginning to wake up. And they need guidance. You are the one that can give them that guidance.

Your name may not be known. Your very existence may be unknown to most. You may not be a great, world-renowned teacher or healer.

But, by your simple desire to help others, you are making a difference. Often, a far more powerful difference than the most renowned spiritual leaders that have ever lived down through the eons.

Every time you show a simple act of kindness to another, or even to yourself, you are changing the world.

With every kind, loving thought or word you give out you transform the world in ways you probably will never know.

And with every hateful thought or word you give out you wound the world in ways you will probably never know.

You are that powerful. Use your power wisely. And you will be that powerful teacher and healer you’ve always wanted to be.

You will one of those who serve in silence.


Have you ever wondered why you are here, or who you truly are? Aren’t those the two big questions we all have today?

Please share your thoughts with us below.


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Here is a beautiful rendition of The Sound of Silence, sung by a Gregorian choir.


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21 Responses

  1. Ron Brissson

    ¨Those who serve in silence¨ got me thinking about this world which we are supposedly transforming. Was it not created by a perfect Being? So would that not imply a perfect creation? I know what religion would say but I wonder what Spirit has to say about that. We mostly believe or assume that Spirit is perfect and cannot improve. Yet Spirit frequently tells us that we matter and that we can achieve much. To me there exists a contradiction here.
    Curiously Yours, Ron

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Ron.

      I firmly believe, as you said, the world was created by “a perfect Being,” whatever you call that being — God, Goddess, the universe, divine energy, etc. And I believe the world that being created is perfect. Obviously, most humans do not see the world as perfect. Here I’m reminded of something St Paul said in Corinthians, “For now we see in a mirror, darkly, but then face to face.”

      Humans, in my opinion, have chosen, or been persuaded, that the world is a dark, imperfect place. But that’s only because our vision is clouded. We’re here to remember who we are and to, once again, see clearly. Then we will see the world as God sees it — perfect in every way.

      So, for what it’s worth, that’s my “2 cents.” 🙂

      Thanks, again, Ron,for your thoughtful comments,

      • Ron Brissson

        Those who serve in silence.

        quote ¨We’re here to remember who we are and to, once again, see clearly. Then we will see the world as God sees it — perfect in every way.¨

        So before we take on human form we see clearly. Then we are born in order to remember who we are and to once again, see clearly. From my perspective something is missing here. Thank you in advance for your patience with me.

        • John Cali

          Thank you, Ron. I don’t know what’s missing, if anything. But I am open to hearing your ideas.

  2. Pat Ruppel

    Thank you, John. I’ve often wondered about that, too: Why am I here and what difference does it make? It’s comforting to hear those words from Spirit and our being here matters.

      • Pat Ruppel

        Hi John — it was important for me to hear this again and wanted to let you know I shared it on my Facebook with the monk photo. I didn’t know who to give credit to on the photo but on Facebook did link it back here to your post. Hope that is okay.

        • John Cali

          Hi Pat,

          Thanks very much for sharing it on Facebook. I appreciate your kindness. That’s fine about the monk photo — it’s in the public domain, and no credit needs to be given. So you’re fine.

          • Pat Ruppel

            You bet, John. I’m happy to spread the love and appreciate you letting me know about the photo. Thank you!

  3. Elizabeth Salmon

    I once stood in a queue in a supermarket where a new checkout operator had a problem which caused quite a delay. People started grumbling which didn’t improve the situation. I spent the time feeling love energy for the operator and for everyone around me. When the queue started moving the person behind me commented on the time wasted. I told her how I spent the time. “Oh,” she said, “That’s why it felt so good standing next to you.” That was a real lesson for me that I’ve never forgotten. It showed the difference between positive and negative thoughts so clearly. People do the best they can in any situation. It may not be the best we wish for, but it is the best they can do at that time. So, the biblical statement, “Judge not lest ye be judged also”, is, I think, one of the most powerful but abused statements.

  4. Karen Samson

    Dear John,
    Beautiful message, stated with brilliant words of wisdom. Every frequency we choose to evoke has a ripple effect. The song, The Sound of Silence, is so beautiful. Being human, a beacon of light, requires positive thoughts and action to maintain balance in a sometimes chaotic world of confusion and forgetfulness of how beautiful each person is within, and the positive impact we can have for each other. Your newsletters are always a delight, and a joyful reminder, God our creator and our guiding spirits desire to assist us and remember our true essence in silence and actions be it big or small for the betterment of All, as we are all connected and every frequency vibration is a ripple in our journey for all eternity. Like the wind, we can not capture it, yet we can feel it, love is a frequency we can choose to share in kind words or actions, it does not have strings attached to outcome, it is pure light. Thankyou for always sharing your light in your newsletters and work.
    Karen Lee Samson

  5. Frederic

    You certainly made a difference for me, dear John.

  6. Jane Hodkin

    Enjoyed your letter on ” the Joy of Silence. and I listened to the song. Thanks.

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