Three-Minute Healing by John Cali

In an earlier article on this blog, Do You Believe in Miracles?, we talked about so-called “miraculous” healings. What that usually means is medical science cannot explain the healings. But there’s really nothing miraculous about them.

As Spirit has said, “Miracles are nothing extraordinary. They are, indeed, the most ordinary events in the lives of you, gods and goddesses in human form….”

A Course in Miracles says “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.”

We don’t see miracles because we’re usually totally oblivious to them. But on the rare occasions we do notice them, we label them “miracles.”

In this fascinating discussion by Gregg Braden, he describes how a woman was completely healed from “inoperable” cancer. Her healing happened in just three minutes!

What are your thoughts? Can complete healing happen in just three minutes? Please comment below.

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  1. Rado

    Here’s another healing story:

    “Tumors That Melt Like Snowballs on a Hot Stove

    Understanding the role such factors play in a placebo’s effectiveness is important, for it shows how our ability to control the body holographic is molded by our beliefs. Our minds have the power to get rid of warts, to clear our bronchial tubes, and to mimic the painkilling ability of morphine, but because we are unaware that we possess the power, we must be fooled into using it. This might almost be comic if it were not for the tragedies that often result from our ignorance of our own power.

    No incident better illustrates this than a now famous case reported by psychologist Bruno Klopfer. Klopfer was treating a man named Wright who had advanced cancer of the lymph nodes. All standard treatments had been exhausted, and Wright appeared to have little time left. His neck, armpits, chest, abdomen, and groin were filled with tumors the size of oranges, and his spleen and liver were so enlarged that two quarts of milky fluid had to be drained out of his chest every day.

    But Wright did not want to die. He had heard about an exciting new drug called Krebiozen, and he begged his doctor to let him try it. At first his doctor refused because the drug was only being tried on people with a life expectancy of at least three months. But Wright was so unrelenting in his entreaties, his doctor finally gave in. He gave Wright an injection of Krebiozen on Friday, but in his heart of hearts he did not expect Wright to last the weekend. Then the doctor went home.

    To his surprise, on the following Monday he found Wright out of bed and walking around. Klopfer reported that his tumors had “melted like snowballs on a hot stove” and were half their original size. This was a far more rapid decrease in size than even the strongest X-ray treatments could have accomplished. Ten days after Wright’s first Krebiozen treatment, he left the hospital and was, as far as his doctors could tell, cancer free. When he had entered the hospital he had needed an oxygen mask to breathe, but when he left he was well enough to fly his own plane at 12,000 feet with no discomfort.

    Wright remained well for about two months, but then articles began to appear asserting that Krebiozen actually had no effect on cancer of the lymph nodes. Wright, who was rigidly logical and scientific in his thinking, became very depressed, suffered a relapse, and was readmitted to the hospital. This time his physician decided to try an experiment. He told Wright that Krebiozen was every bit as effective as it had seemed, but that some of the initial supplies of the drug had deteriorated during shipping. He explained, however, that he had a new highly concentrated version of the drug and could treat Wright with this. Of course the physician did not have a new version of the drug and intended to inject Wright with plain water. To create the proper atmosphere he even went through an elaborate procedure before injecting Wright with the placebo.

    Again the results were dramatic. Tumor masses melted, chest fluid vanished, and Wright was quickly back on his feet and feeling great. He remained symptom-free for another two months, but then the American Medical Association announced that a nationwide study of Krebiozen had found the drug worthless in the treatment of cancer. This time Wright’s faith was completely shattered. His cancer blossomed anew and he died two days later.

    Wright’s story is tragic, but it contains a powerful message: When we are fortunate enough to bypass our disbelief and tap the healing forces within us, we can cause tumors to melt away overnight.

    In the case of Krebiozen only one person was involved, but there are similar cases involving many more people. Take a chemotherapeutic agent called cis-platinum. When cis-platinum first became available it, too, was touted as a wonder drug, and 75 percent of the people who received it benefited from the treatment. But after the initial wave of excitement and the use of cis-platinum became more routine, its rate of effectiveness dropped to about 25 to 30 percent. Apparently most of the benefit obtained from cis-platinum was due to the placebo effect.” (from Michael Talbot, “The Holographic Universe”)

  2. Karen Sutton

    What a fascinating topic! The more we learn about the interactions of energy and the physical body, the more we are going to be in a position to help each other move back into the healthy state that is our birthright.

    John, for you and your readers who might not be aware of her, there’s a delightful gal on this planet named Anita Moorjani who was miraculously cured of end-stage Hodgkins’ Lymphoma, a cancer that had wracked her whole body. This happened after she experienced the potential of her own death while in a coma. When she came back to consciousness, she had some amazing insights to share. In her own words:

    “I was dying of cancer, and the doctors had said I only had about 36 hours to live. It was at this point where I started drifting between another dimension and this one.”

    “I then started to understand how illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical. If I chose to go into life, [I knew] the cancer would be gone from my energy, and my physical body would catch up very quickly. I then understood that when people have medical treatments for illnesses, it rids the illness only from their body but not from their energy so the illness returns. I realized if I went back, it would be with a very healthy energy. Then the physical body would catch up to the energetic conditions very quickly and permanently. I seemed to become aware that this applies to anything, not only illnesses – physical conditions, psychological conditions, etc. I became aware that everything going on in our lives was dependant on this energy around us, created by us. Nothing was real – we created our surroundings, our conditions, etc. depending where this “energy” was at. The clarity I felt around how we get what we do was phenomenal! It’s all about where we are energetically. I somehow knew that I was going to see “proof” of this first hand if I returned back to my body.”

    If y’all have any interest in hearing her story firsthand, there is an uplifting interview on Youtube, and more information on Anita’s website.

    These are exciting times to live in, and I’m blessed to be a part of it with each and every one of you!

    • beachdrifter

      Thank you so much for the links, Karen! It´s wonderful to have someone who has had an experience like that confirming all that I´ve come to know over the last few years – to perfection. I love how I was a match to your posting!

  3. beachdrifter

    John, you linked to your earlier article, where you wrote:

    “A while ago a man came for healing of a fair-sized tumor on his arm. The healing procedures generally take a short time, often only 3 to 4 minutes During this man’s healing procedure he watched the tumor literally shrinking right before his eyes.”

    It´s not entirely clear from the context if you were directly involved in this particular healing, or not. Can you clarify, and if you were, perhaps talk a bit more about it? Thank you!

    • John Cali

      No, I was not directly involved in this healing. So I cannot give you any more details.

      But the point I was making was healing does not have to take a long time.


  4. Joseph

    The miracle of miracles is surrendering and allowing the flow of love. “What we resist persists,” says it all, so when we no longer put up barriers, boundaries and border and allow the flow of life/love all things are possible. That can happen in an instant, that one miraculous moment, when we decide to love our self above all else – opening our gates to Father/Great Spirit’s energy of love. Old misperceptions and beliefs dissolve instantly when love is allowed to fully flow and do its magic. Not only will healings occur miraculously, all other wishes and desires move into alignment for manifestation.

  5. William Thompson

    Miracles and healing happens every day…we cut ourselves and we heal we get surgery and then we heal. We usually are blind to the miracles in our lives because of what you have mentioned, we just simply do not see them.
    Thanks John

  6. Wendy

    Hi John

    Thank you for sharing! In my heart, I know that we can heal our bodies, we have the power within each of us to do so, many have forgotten how. If we just trust ourselfs, trust the high power (higher self) love ourselfs, be grateful for all, then let go of that which does not resonate with the heart, we would all benefit greatly. I know as the vibration changes more will understand. I have been blessed to see many heal themselves. In love and light, Wendy

  7. Judith Anderson

    Yes, Of course such healing can occur. We are limited by our belifes that it cannot.

  8. Cara Wilde

    Hi John

    Yes I think that complete healing in three minutes is possible and, as the film shows, there needs to be a “field” of intention held by both the healer and healee in order to step into that reality. It depends where the beliefs of the individual are, including the subconscious beliefs. It has to be accepted as possible in the first place. I remember showing this clip to my mum, who is very open minded when it comes to energy healing and still heavily reliant on the medical model. She instantly thought it was a fake.
    I’ve been witness to many “miraculous” healings, particularly through EFT and Reiki – pain gone in moments that should have been around for a long time. With something like cancer the potential understandable fear involved can be challenging which impacts the healing and needs to be addressed in some way. It takes a lot of courage to follow this particular path at times.

    The more that this kind of demonstration is circulated, the more that people can become aware of their potential power over themselves. So thank you for playing your part in that and reminding us of just how much we are capable of.

    With much love and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Cara. I’m sure some of my family would have the same reaction as your mother’s to Gregg’s video — it’s fake — those things are impossible. Oh well, they’ll come around sooner or later — we all will.

      Have a great weekend!

      Lots of love and hugs,

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