In an earlier article on this blog, Do You Believe in Miracles?, we talked about so-called “miraculous” healings. What that usually means is medical science cannot explain the healings. But there’s really nothing miraculous about them.

As Spirit has said, “Miracles are nothing extraordinary. They are, indeed, the most ordinary events in the lives of you, gods and goddesses in human form….”

A Course in Miracles says “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.”

We don’t see miracles because we’re usually totally oblivious to them. But on the rare occasions we do notice them, we label them “miracles.”

In this fascinating discussion by Gregg Braden, he describes how a woman was completely healed from “inoperable” cancer. Her healing happened in just three minutes!

What are your thoughts? Can complete healing happen in just three minutes? Please comment below.

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