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As you may know, legendary psychic Sylvia Browne was harshly criticized this past week for a wrong prediction she made. Her prediction had to do with the kidnapping ten years ago of three women in Cleveland, Ohio (in the United States). One of the women was Amanda Berry. A year after the kidnapping Sylvia told Amanda’s mother her daughter had died and was “on the other side.”

My spirit guides prefer not to make predictions. Their reason? They say we have yet to write our future — or what we call the future. They will occasionally talk about probable or potential events in the future, but nothing more.

This is not a criticism of Sylvia Browne or of any other psychics or channels who make predictions. I consider them, including Sylvia, a blessing to all of us. They are gifted in their abilities to make predictions accurately most of the time. But not always.

Here’s what one of my spirit guides, has to say:

Time is simultaneous. There are probable realities, parallel to the one you currently experience.

Linear time, as you know it, does not exist in the realm of Spirit. All time is simultaneous. Everything that has ever existed, exists “now,” or will ever exist, exists right here, right now in this present moment.

Therefore, Sylvia could have tuned into a probable or parallel reality in which Amanda Berry did indeed die physically.

Because in the reality you’re aware of, where Amanda did not die, does not mean Sylvia was wrong. She had simply tuned into a parallel reality.


Here’s an interesting video of some psychic predictions, made over 30 years ago. A few of the predictions were eerily accurate, others were not.

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