What Is True Wealth?

We may be poor in the white man’s way, but we are not poor in the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota ways because we are connected to above and everywhere. ~ David Swallow, Elder and Head Man of the Oglala Lakota Nation

Oglala Lakota Warrior

When I first read David Swallow’s quotation above, I marveled at the power and simplicity of his words. Especially this part: “…we are connected to above and everywhere.”


This idea of true wealth has become horribly distorted in your modern world.

Most of what you consider true wealth is false wealth. This includes money, worldly power, big houses, and the “stuff” you fill those houses with.

None of that makes you any wealthier. It often does just the opposite—it makes you poorer.

We want to be very clear about this. None of what we just listed is evil or wrong. It’s only that you have a wrong view of it. You need money, houses, a certain amount of worldly power to physically survive.

But you do yourselves a disservice by thinking that is your true wealth.

You often strive endlessly to acquire more worldly wealth, often sabotaging your health, relationships, and peace of mind.

Your Native Americans—and many of your planet’s other native peoples—are close to Mother Earth. That is where their true wealth lies, and they know it. It also lies in what David Swallow said: “…we are connected to above and everywhere.”

True wealth lies there for all of you: Mother Earth, above and everywhere.

And we would add it also lies within you. One of Johnny’s favorite spiritual teachers is Joel Goldsmith. We’ll close today with a few words from Joel:

“There’s nothing out there separate from you to be attained. We have only to gain the consciousness of that which we are seeking. And then we shall find that we already have it.”

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This poignant video features Oglala Lakota women talking about their tribe’s true wealth. It was filmed at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


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  1. George Ball

    Dear friend John, Thanks for reminding me that I already have what I have been seeking, including a friendship with wise guy, Mr. Cali. Love, George

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