One of our readers recently wrote us asking about the possible poisonous effects of the virus vaccine. Since many people have the same concerns, we’re including parts of his letter in today’s post, with his permission.

The following is a discussion between Berna and Spirit about the letter, slightly edited.

Johnny and I have been talking about this subject many times.

It started when I started to doubt whether to get the vaccination or not, for various reasons. In my case, I had contrasting thoughts.

I know only people can help people, and a doctor or medicines are also a resource given by God through people.

As the channeled information from Jesus through Tina Louise Spalding tells us, if  you have mastered your mind and hold your consciousness in the Light, you will not get ill. That includes not getting the virus.

With Joe (our reader, not his real name), his employer requires him to have the vaccine. Or lose his job. But he doesn’t want to have this stuff in his body. And there’s pressure from society.

But, as Johnny and I say, you have to listen to your inner guidance.


Absolutely! And that may be different for everybody.

We agree with you, Berna. The ultimate guide, no matter how you want to define it, is the God within each of you.

As A Course in Miracles says, your mind is the physician, the healer. What you determine is right for you IS right for you. It is not going to be the same for the guy next door, or for the woman down the street. But it is right for you.

We understand Joe’s concern about having some foreign substance inside his body. But think about this for a moment.

You put so-called foreign substances into your bodies almost daily. The food you eat, for example. Much of it is unhealthy. Some of it is healthy.

Those of  you on a higher spiritual path will generally choose the healthier substances, whether it is food, the vaccine, or anything else. Here the ultimate guide is your own inner guidance, the God/Goddess within.

If you believe a thing is bad for you, it is. There have been masters who could put a poison into their bodies, and not be harmed by it. Mind is the physician. Mind is the healer. Mind is the controller.

It doesn’t matter what you take from out there in the world and put into your body. What matters is the attitude with which you do it.

You are all God. You are Goddess. You are capable of increasing the vibration of your physical body.

As Edgar Cayce put it, he wouldn’t be much of a psychic if he could not raise his vibration above that of a pork chop. (He was referring to his advice to abstain from eating pork, although he enjoyed it occasionally.)

The same applies to the virus vaccine. If you believe it will harm you, you open yourself to harm. If you believe it cannot harm you, then it cannot. And it will likely benefit you.

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Edited by Berna Copray


In this short video, Dr. Brett Greenky, discusses facts regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. This sounds like a common-sense approach to what is obviously a highly controversial subject.

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