What Is God’s Will? by John Cali

Over many years of working with Spirit I’ve discovered the phrase “God’s will” can be a loaded one. It means different things to different people. We humans even justify killing each other because it’s God’s will.

So what is God’s will? Here’s what my spirit guides said a few years ago.


This concept of God’s will is a distorted and divisive one. You humans have maimed and murdered each other more in the name of God than for any other “cause

We realize few of your religions or other spiritual belief systems would define God’s will in exactly the same way. That’s the root of the difficulty right there

Each defines the term in the narrow context of its own dogma and principles. And then they announce the whole world ought to live by their rules. (We are not picking on religions or other spiritual paths. Our words here today apply equally to other entities. For example, political and educational institutions, etc. etc

But it’s obvious the whole world is never going to follow the same path. And each of you individually is never going to follow exactly the same path as another. Even if you both belong to the same church, religion, political party, spiritual path, etc.

You are all unique. You all have your own unique path and calling. When more humans can accept and allow that, you will have taken a giant step toward creating a world you will feel comfortable in. It won’t be a world where you are all exactly alike. But a world where you can recognize and love the divinity in all humans, all beings, all that is.

If you truly want to do God’s will, you will follow your heart — always! Not your head, your intellect. But your heart, your feelings.

Your higher self speaks most clearly to you in the language of the heart. Listen to your heart. And you will hear your higher self. You will hear God. Then you will always do God’s will.

For your will, coming from your heart, and God’s will are one and the same.

Adapted from God’s Will, by John Cali (John Cali’s Spirit Speaks Newsletter, 2006)

What is your idea of God’s will? Please comment below.

John Cali’s Spirit Speaks Newsletter

  1. Wolf Halton

    Isn't it surprising how often God's will coincides with the speaker's predilections? In my opinion*, God's will for everyone is to have fun. Less suffering and deprivation result from everybody having fun, and more fun.

    * just in case anybody thought I had a direct line to God.. I have the same direct line you do.

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