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posticon What Is God? by John Cali

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Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have, many times.

I grew up in the Roman Catholic tradition. We were taught God was a loving father, and also a harsh judge. We had this confusing notion of a divine being whose love or wrath would engulf us, depending on whether we did his “will” or not.

Heaven was our reward and hell our punishment—not a pleasant way to live your life, never knowing where you were ultimately going to end up for all eternity.Read more

posticon What Is God’s Will? by John Cali

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Over many years of working with Spirit I’ve discovered the phrase “God’s will” can be a loaded one. It means different things to different people. We humans even justify killing each other because it’s God’s will.

So what is God’s will? Here’s what my spirit guides said a few years ago.… Read more

posticon God’s Will by John Cali

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A happy outcome to all things is sure. ~ A Course in Miracles

The heart and love of GodThe Heart and Love of God

How often have you heard someone say (usually when something “bad” happens), “Oh well, it’s God’s will.” I often cringe when I hear it. It’s almost as if people think God (or Goddess) wills only bad things for us. And that we have no choice in the matter. There was a mantra of sorts I was brought up with as a kid: “Lord, thy will, not mine, be done.”Read more