What Planet Are You From?

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The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren’t any space aliens. We can’t be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we’re not all that is. If so, we’re in big trouble. ~ Ellen DeGeneres

This week we’re featuring an article by my dear friend, Ted Murray. Ted’s an accomplished writer and spiritual teacher. He’s also a great tennis coach.

In Ted’s message today he raises a powerful and timely question, one that should concern every one of us.

Ted Murray

What planet are you from? Have you ever asked yourself (or someone else) that question?

Does it sometimes feel like you don’t understand life on this planet called Earth? How could its inhabitants be so cruel to each other? How can they be so callous to the planet itself, to the point of making it uninhabitable for all life forms? How could people be so selfish and greedy that they are consumed only with amassing more personal wealth and power without regard for how their actions affect everyone and everything else on the planet?

When you look at the astonishingly destructive things happening on this planet it’s easy to feel like an alien. Perhaps you feel like you remember living in a place where love was all there was, and everybody was connected in a spirit of oneness. How can that same spirit be possible on this planet with all its challenges?

Realize you aren’t alone in these kinds of feelings. Wherever you are originally from, you are here now to bring that spirit of oneness to this world. We are all like explorers who have been sent here to bring love and cooperation to a crazy planet.

Instead of feeling like an alien, perhaps you can see yourself as a bringer of love and light to a dark space. Many others are here for a similar purpose, and when all gather together in person or in spirit, the light that shines will overcome all darkness.

Love & Light,

Copyright © 2018 by Ted Murray

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In this short video Deepak Chopra answers the question, “Are we alone in the universe?”


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12 Responses

  1. George Ball

    Dear John, I think I’m pretty much connected to just the earth but my soul started it’s human living on earth many centuries ago. Love, George

  2. Martha

    Bringer of Light?
    A stretch indeed.

    How about, one of the greatest catalysts of all time for people to summon and call in more Light?

  3. Martha

    Hi John
    Hi Everybody,

    I KNOW I’m a visitor here!
    So many of us are “-)

    My friend Erik has a son named Blake. From the moment he was born and we began to know each other we had an unexplainable so bond. This love an affinity and understanding we shared in many tender poignant ways.
    There were times that I felt I understood Blake better than his own parents because we just had that oneness.
    One day when Blake was about 3 years old, One day when we were hanging out together just the two of us, he looked up at me with those big blue eyes and said, “Martha… Are you from our world? Are you from our planet? You’re a different woman… With that cool voice …”

    Love, Martha

  4. Pat

    Trump? He may be “wildcard” that creates so much reaction that the entrenched applecarts get off-track and show themselves, but “bringer of Light”? That IS a stretch! Who knows, “all things are possible,” as Jesus said.

  5. mikala

    Let me see, humm. We are all created by the Creator. That includes the dirt, mountains, rocks, fish, birds trees, creatures of all kinds etc.and all the rest. If the Creator is a part of us, seems to me we would have been in all planets and universes there are. Maybe we were allowed to color the flowers, or create the lambs. Does it really matter?
    How can we be aliens if we are part of All That Is.?

    Love to all.

  6. Karen Lee Samson

    Are we alone in the Universe? Absolutely not,are there beings like the council of 12 that are mentioned in Telos,yes. Is President Trump a bringer of light, revealing Organized crime and is his love of USA and American citizens for the highest good, I feel yes. Will many things be revealed as we choose to embrace truth, honesty,accountability,and call on being professional and respectful as we emulate the fact that we are all connected and if we choose to put forth effort and be part of positive solutions rather than angry,hateful, spoiled,entitled individuals…we can work for the highest good,as we do have beings higher than ourselves watching to see what each soul chooses to embrace. God our creator has limitless potential/ abilities,yet some humans seem to think 5hey have all the answers? That part is crazy.
    Let’s support accountability,professionalism,honesty, and the Golden Rule, lets be full of gratitude for God providing us with experiences that open us to more and more awareness. This journey is for eternity, what planet did you come from? I hope you came from a planet that isn’t too self absorbed and all about material matter only, for asyou journey onward these items/ things will be of no value for your ever growing spirit as it further develops.

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