Do What You Want To

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Humans have been searching for happiness forever. Yet, for many, it seems an impossible dream.

Spirit says happiness is our birthright. And, they say, it’s as simple as choosing to be happy. But is it really that simple?

John Kitchin M.D. thinks it is. He might just have the real secret to a long life of happiness and peace: Do what you want to.

Dr. John has created a short movie on the subject. It’s a bit longer than the videos we typically use in our weekly posts.

But we promise it will be well worth the 16 minutes it will take you to watch the movie. It’s a powerful reminder of how easy happiness is: simply Do what you want to.

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  1. Jan Craft

    WoW!!! I loved it! I’m about to begin a new life — a real tilt in changing my life — I know I’ll be happy as I take off to new horizons! Thanks for the perfect video to let me see we can take off and fly!

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